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The Aquarius need for independence can't be underestimated & it is essential that they develop & sustain the right lifestyle. Although they have the reputation of being particularly friendly, in many ways they are very private & dislike having their privacy invaded. Their natural friendliness is linked to a genuine desire to be helpful, so anyone in trouble will always to be helpful, so anyone in trouble will always find them ready to help, approaching other's problem as they approach their own - logically, detached & without undue emotion.
Aquarius is an Air sign, independent & unorthodox. You'll never be either happy or successful in an occupation that requires you to conform to a strict schedule. They are the born eccentrics of the zodiac. You will find it hard to see the difference between them, with your broad & normally tolerant brotherhood & sisterhood charisma. You'll be more contented in a job or career that allows you to answer mainly to yourself. Born under the influence of the planet of change, Uranus, they live in the future. They are intellectually independent & tend to have little patience with those who either wish to make them conform, or simply don't understand their radical ideas. They frequently argue for the sake of intellectual exercise, through if they have an opinion, they will defend staunchly to the point where they will simply ignore the opposing arguments.
This is not to say they are anti-social, quite the opposite. They hold brotherhood & fraternity nearly as important as intellectual ideas & constantly crave the stimulation of people. They are humanitarians & their thoughts constantly delve into the welfare of mankind. They are dreamers & idealists & often come up with schemes to save the world. All of this dreaming takes its toll, though & many of them have known the sting of disillusionment with the real world.
They tend to spend so much time in the clouds that the often they are perceived as aloof & detached. They would rather dream up grand solutions to the problems of mankind that to involve themselves in the boring details. Their great weakness is their tendency to find faults in others, while taking for granted their own shortcomings. Their calmness is also deceptive, concealing great bouts of mental anxiety.
When down to earth, however, they are amongst the kindest people in the zodiac. They are easygoing, reasonable & never boring. So long as they are given freedom to be themselves, they can be the most entertaining & loyal companions.
Friendly & humanitarian, honest & loyal. Original & inventive independent & intellectual. Intractable & contrary perverse & unpredictable unemotional & detached.

Independently, humanely, distantly
Personality : -

They have an original, idealistic streak & the more positively this is shown, the more fulfilled they will be. However, this originality must not become too idiosyncratic or perverse, as others can then be at best embarrassed & at worst seriously annoyed.
Aquarius is an air sign & its inhabitants need air, both physically & metaphorically. They must realize hoe very stubborn they can be & should try to counter the tendency. When young, they are usually leaders of their generation, but sometimes they continue to cling to youthful opinions, so that what was once a splendidly forward - looking nature becomes ultraconservative. Again, awareness of the problem will go far to counter it.
Positive & optimistic even when life gets difficult, they rarely lose hope & their natural humanity always reminds them that many others are less fortunate (in every sense) than themselves. Their chief fault is usually unpredictability, but their independence can also make them very remote, causing emotional problems. Partners & friends may be justified in suspecting that sometimes they act out of sheer perversity.


Of all the Sun sign, they can find it most difficult to settle into & sustain a close emotional relationship. Their powerful need for independence makes it particularly hard for them to let others into their lives, for they realize this will mean modifying their lifestyles & tolerating an invasion of their living space – psychological as well as physical. They often decline to enter into a relationship until they are so set in their ways that it all seems impossible, so remain permanently single. Even so, there is a strongly romantic streak in many they, who like the glamour of romance, & once committed are – like their Capricorn cousins – very loyal. The placing of Venus will color this aspect of an Aquarian’s life, & may modify the attitude considerably.


They originality & the need to be different will soon emerge in children of this sign, who on the whole will be happy & positive, with a great desire to do their own thing. Parents should watch for waywardness; the best antidote is to suggest that they do the opposite of what you really desire! Bear in mind they will truly need to be unconventional, so a school devoted to rigid discipline, with very strong or obsessive academic aims, may not be suitable. They are rational, however & always listen to reason. This will be a distinct asset in later life.
Aquarian children are naturally friendly, but alas this means they may be overtrusting & too ready to wander off with passing strangers who take advantage of that friendliness. It must be very firmly impressed on them from an early age not to do this. It is particularly good for young they to become involved in charity work; it will help them develop their strong humanitarianism which is likely to be one of their strongest & most positive traits. Creative & scientific flair should be eagerly encouraged when & if it develops. These children often have an interesting sense of drama, but it can be exaggerated.
Aquarian parents can have a very individual attitude to the education of children. They must remember that a child may be more conventional than the parents & it is a mistake to force him or her into a particular mould just because they wish it. Security & discipline may be really important to a child, & the parents, however adventurous, should accept this. They parents should always ask themselves whether they have moved with the times. Their immediate reply will be yes; but they should realize it is unlikely (especially for them), & should not assume automatic & complete understanding of their children. They must learn to really listen to them. Despite possible problems, they usually make lively parents, always ready to bring out their children’s potential & make the most of it.


They must have free rein to do whatever is expected of them in their own way, uninhibited by continual advice or the insistence on a particular regime. They have to express their inventiveness in their work, whether creative or scientific (or both). They may become inventors of some kind. Some do extremely well working in communications – the airlines, or the technical areas of television or radio, for instance. Despite their keen sense of ambition they enjoy & are good at work, which allows them to express their concern for humanity. They make excellent field or social workers or administrators for large charitable organizations. Not obsessive about income, they must avoid wasting their money, they must avoid wasting their money on trendy fripperies.

Change & retirement

They are often quite seriously disturbed if they are kept waiting for final decisions, or feel some change hovering over them without knowing precisely when it will happen. A sudden decision (whether their own or someone else’s) is not nearly as difficult for them. Their quick reactions may even make them sweep out of a well-established job given enough provocation. They should try not to let the prospect of retirement make them miserable for ten years before the event, instead gradually building up new areas of interest which can fill more of their work lives when the time comes. If their work has been dull, uninteresting or too conventional, they should surely look forward to being able to express fully their originality & creative or scientific flair. They should give special thought to any necessary adjustments they may have to make, perhaps thinking of ways in which spare-time work can bolster their retirement income.

Health & Exercise       

The circulation can vulnerable. They are often at their best in cold weather & like Capricorn’s, usually enjoy it, but they should keep warm, wearing light but windproof clothes which won’t restrict their movements. Regular exercise should be creative rather than dull or repetitive. Like all air signs, they thrive best on a light, nourishing diet. The ankles are ruled by this sign & can be vulnerable; exercises to strengthen them, perhaps shoes with good ankle support are desirable, especially if skiing or winter sports are enjoyed.

Aquarius as Ascendant

Psychological motivation: - As with Sun Aquarians, the need for independence is very great & the personality may seem to be distant; it is difficult to feel close to the enigmatic person with they rising. The difference between independence & isolation must be recognized: no man is an island. psychological wholeness that their best qualities are shown through kindness towards & appreciation of the other people. Pigheadedness & vanity do not become them.
The problems of sacrificing independence for a permanent relationship are never far away. The ideal partner may be one willing to take a back seat & play a purely supportive role. Every meaningful relationship to some extent involves sacrifice, and if they feel unable to modify their own needs to take account of their partner’s, they should think twice before embarking on the relationship; do they really want a partner or just a partnership?
As the circulation is Aquarius-ruled, and the heart is the Leo organ (Leo is the polar sign), the latter should be kept healthy through regular exercise. Psychological problems or even simple worry may cause otherwise inexplicable back pain.

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