Sun sign Aries want to stand out from the crowd, & have the will to Succeed. They are basically uncomplicated, direct in their approach, & able to cope in a straightforward way with the day-to-day problems of life. They strip away everything that is not necessary to the achievement of their goals, whether these are immediate or long-term for example, the menu for tonight’s dinner or the details of a contract. Their ability to see clearly the essential of important decisions is both enviable & convincing.
Adventurous & energetic, Pioneering & Courageous, Enthusiastic & Confident, Dynamic & quick- write. Selfish & quick-tempered, Impulsive & impatient, Foolhardy & daredevil.

Assertively, urgently, forthrightly, selfishly.

Aries is a fire sign, impulsive & energetic. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, & thus, it represents new beginnings. There is a dynamic restlessness. You gravitate towards the center of action. Who exudes self-confidence? From an early age you feel you are needed for success & treat opposition as an annoyance. You continue spend your energy in too many different ways, should you come across a superior force you will bend but never break. Your aggressive & collaborative spirit cannot be broker by anyone except yourself. Though generally sincere & honest you will tell a white lie , if it is seems advantageous. You are a very adept liar however, people will see right through you tend to line up big bills. However you usually find a way to pay if what you owe. You are creative open hearted. High spirited, also vain, tiesly, impatient. Those who a legal with you in an intimate basis will have one chief problem. Aries are typically full of creative energy, enthusiasm, & a great inner drive to prove themselves. They express themselves through action & are constantly seeking experiences that give them the opportunity to prove they are the best.
There is little timidity in people under this sign. Aries are confident doers who often forge ahead confidently, regardless of the consequences. This impulsiveness can sometimes lead to problems when they leap before they look. They are not afraid to take risks or to amble to have their way. If they can temper their impulsive drives, Aries can accomplish much & be successful leaders. They constantly seek to be the best at whatever they do & would rather have fame & fortune than material wealth.
Aries crave independence & often seek positions of authority. Optimism runs through their veins & it is hard to discourage them from tasks they have begun (However, they are notorious for not finishing what they start). Their high-spirits are very contagious & are never daunt by fear of failure.
As friends Aries are high-spirited & generous, though sometimes they must control their competitive impulses & how they affect those around them. They must learn to temper their aggressiveness & use reason & diplomacy when dealing with others.


Deep resources of determination help Aries when reacting to challenge, although a tendency to rush in regardless can cause problems. Observing these sometimes over quick reactions, one reflects that some Aries learn the hard way (some, of course, do not!). Achievement is vital; if it is lacking, either in the career or an all-important hobby, Aries can become physically or psychologically sick & extremely different to live with. This is often because of their worst Aries children must be made aware of this tendency, it is then much easier for them to recognize & counter it in later life.


Aries are extremely passionate.Just as they need fulfillment at work & at play, so they also need it sexually-probably more so than most other people.Their partners must be lively & capable of reacting well to the crackling flash of Arian sparks (fire is the sign’s element); joyous sexual romps with a permanent partner should not only be the prerogative of Arian youth, but also o middle & old age, otherwise both they & their partners will suffer.


The Arian child will display the typical lively enthusiasm of all fire sign children. That enthusiasm (which will cover the widest variety of interests) can tend to fade quickly, however, & before spending much money on some new craze, parents should be aware that Arian child may soon lose patience with the new & expensive piece of equipment & push it out of sight, ready for the next enthusiasm.
Patience is not an Arian strong point, so progress at school may be patchy. One hopes that surges of enthusiasm for study will come at the right time-just before important tests or examinations. Happily the Arian has only to fail one examination & see friends moving ahead before becoming extremely concerned about catching up & reestablishing a lead; such a disaster will not happen twice.
Restrictive discipline doesn’t suit young Aries. Sensible rules will be accepted provided they are explained, but the Arian sprit will refuse to be dampened by silly regulations, which have no apparent justification.
Aries make very lively parents. They have delightfully simple, almost childlike, nature, which are never entirely suppressed- seen, for instance, in the way a subject assesses a situation or faces up to a problem. Arian parents should find no difficulty in tuning in to the real emotions of their children. They will also be happy to encourage them in any number of enterprises & out of school activities: every hour will be packed with incident. 
However, not all children necessarily share their parents enthusiasms, & an Arian should not drag a child off to a ball game simply because he wants to go. The child might be much happier at home with a good book, or - if the abundant Arian energy has been inherited at ballet class. Such a situation can reflect Arian selfishness: doing what Aries want, rather than the child wants. 


Just as an Arian schoolchild must be given his or her head, so a certain freedom of expression in the career. A boring & routine job may have to be tolerated but, in that case, stimulating outside hobbies must also be established.
A noisy, busy environment is meat & drink to an Arian- a stuffy, claustrophobic office is not. In choosing careers, the Arian could consider engineering or the electronics industries, the armed services or perhaps psychiatry or dentistry. But above all, the Arian should make for fields that enable him or her to move out in front of the crowd & become a successful pioneer of some kind. Aries are ambitious, but the achievement of that ambition is just as important as what is achieved. And the Arian will then be asking “what next?” A good head for business is usual, & Aries can be very enterprising, many enjoy organizing their lives so that they have two sources of income. If enterprise & caution can be combined a lot of money can be made, but a steadying influence is sometimes needed if it is not be frittered away.

Change & retirement

Change is usually taken in the Arian stride, especially if progress can be seen to depend upon it. These people’s lively spirits will accept challenge & while many will look forward to relaxing once they have retired, after a week or two they will revive an old interest or establish a new one. By then, they may have cultivated more patience & can even end up with a new career rather than merely a new hobby! In any case, they will not want their standard of living to drop when they retire.

Health diets 

Aries need plenty of exercise to keep their systems in good condition. This is necessary for everyone, of course, but for Aries it is as vital as breathing. They will, in general, be so enthusiastic that you may have to remind them to modify exercise routines & sporting interests as time passes, if their systems are not to be overstrained. The head is vulnerable; a tendency to knock & bump the head when young will probably result in early visits from the Tooth Fairy. Aries natural tendency to rush about carelessly may result in cuts, bruises & even minor burns. The motto “ MORE haste, less speed” is a valuable one for these people; they enjoy working with all kinds of tools, & again carelessness may court disaster. Aries enjoy spicy food, but it is not usually good, for them. They have hearty appetites, & thrive on traditional, rather than elaborate dishes.

Aries as Ascendant (Lagna)

:Psychological motivation - Aries want to win, & their energetic driving force almost unconsciously stimulates them into action. Powerful ambition & a remarkable flow of physical energy will be devoted to achieving whatever goal is in sight. Their urge to win will enable Aries to outstrip competitors, & runs parallel with a need to be noticed. This sometimes is a problem - though competition can be an excellent spur. If ruthlessness does emerge, the natural Aries sense of humor should be invoked, & that innate awareness of theirs, which is a most happy characteristic.
Adapting to any environment, whatever the social circumstances, is easy for those with Aries rising. If these people can be little more low-key they will be excellent at self-analysis, & the resulting self-knowledge will help them to channel their many positive, strong, extrovert quantities.
Their view of themselves may be rather slaphappy. While in a sun sign Arian this attitude might lead to slight accidents; with Aries rising it may be expressed on a psychological level - perhaps causing an over-simplification of problems which, in youth, could make it harder to solve them swiftly & easily.
The Emphasis on the head may lead to rather frequent headaches, perhaps caused by a slight kidney problem or imbalance as opposed to overwork, or eyestrain. With Aries rising such pain is more likely to be the result of a physical condition than circumstances provoked by the subject herself.
The reaction to partners is interesting: there will be great need for a permanent emotional relationship, no matter how many affairs or experiments take place or, indeed, however independent the spirit. An Arian Ascendant brings not only a need to relate, but also a strong desire to understand & be fair to the partner. These qualities will emerge at the deepest & most personal level; mere acquaintance or even quite close friends may never be aware of them.


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