Proposal for Corporate Executives for Sending Pleasantries  


 Importance of Symbolism :

Most of the urban population now a day follows a “Fast” lifestyle.  

If pressure on personal time is one side of the story then other side is also very interesting. Importance of personal relationship and networking is paramount in today’s corporate world. In order to succeed in chosen business venture one has to not only spend time and establish rapport with customers and suppliers but also should keep colleagues, seniors and even juniors in good spirits.  

This scenario of time crunch on one hand and need to keep in touch with the world on the other has led to tremendous increase in “Symbolism”. Some of the off shoots of this “Symbolism” are as below. 

·         According to ORG MARG survey, ten crore SMS messages were sent on the first day of this year wishing for New Years Greetings.

·         The New Year and Festival Greetings industry in India is worth six hundred crores.

·         On an average every person receives ten e-mail messages on each festival, which are purely from his business acquaintances.

·         On the other hand each person sends same number of pleasantries on each festival to his business acquaintances.

When such a plethora of informal information is bombarded on each individual then it becomes almost impossible for him or her to keep track of the pleasantries sent. In fact one can go to the extent of saying that such pleasantries are hardly noticed. Hence the very purpose of sending these pleasantries is defeated. 

It is in this context Mr. Mukund Trivedi came up with following idea. 


Nothing interests human being more than knowing one’s future.  The changing lifestyle, intense competition and broader socio-economic changes have further enhanced this interest. The recent facts published by many market research firms also support the above-mentioned interest by masses in foretelling.

·         Every third website has a link to Astrology

·         Two third of the new borne Indians get their horoscope made even before getting their names.

·         Every eighth book written has something to do with Astrology

·         80% of TV Channel have at least one program in a week dealing with Astrology.

·         100% of country’s Newspaper have daily section on Astrology.


The list can go on endlessly.  

There are number of techniques practitioners use to tell the future. These include Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot Cards and Face Reading. Amongst them Astrology that is predicting the future through one’s horoscope is considered most reliable. The faith shown in the horoscope can be reinforced with the fact that two third of the marriages in India are still performed by matching horoscope. 

The Idea


On an average a senior manager sends around hundred greetings during the year to business acquaintances. If he can give some personal touch to these greetings to make it different from run on the mill pleasantries then he will succeed in making huge impact on the person intended. As explained earlier, nothing interests human being more than knowing his or her future. So imagine a situation that if greeting card contains the recipients future for next one year or it outlines his personality characteristic or predict some important event pertaining to him in near future then not only he will remember the greetings for long time to come but will cherish it as memorabilia. Thus intended purpose of sending the greeting cannot be served in better way than this. 

This logic can be extended to company’s internal customers that is its employees. For sending personalized greetings to employees the task becomes even easier as the basic details required for making it like date of birth and time of birth are easily available from company’s own record.  

Just imagine how good an employee may feel if he receives such a personalized card from HR Department on his or her birthday. 

The Product


Mr. Mukund Trivedi has designed three different types of greetings as below: 

·         Birthday Magical Card , New Year, Diwali and Holi Card, every time the card will be different.

·         A Detailed Personalized Horoscope and Prediction.

·         Personality Outline Charter of person. This is the special categorization that Mr. Mukund Trivedi has developed which is very different from usual Sun or Moon sign categorization.

·         Prediction of Important Events pertaining to person in near future.

All the three are nicely developed and designed greetings. The sample of which can be obtained from him as per requirement.


About Mr. Mukund Trivedi

Mr. Mukund Trivedi is practicing Astrology for last 25 years. He has more than 8000 clients who routinely takes his consultation on various matters. His clients include who’s who of Great Indian Diaspora. From Businessman to Movie Stars, from Politicians to Sporting Icons, many have been benefited because of his expertise. He is amongst very few Indian Astrologers to be on the Global Elite Panel and his web site "" is visited by more than 27000 people . He was interviewed by BBC LONDON and is coming on ZEE TV Channels show. 

Expected Relationship

Mr. Mukund Trivedi is looking at this relationship more as an exposure. His name will appear as an “Architect” on all the greeting cards. If anybody is interested in detail consultation then he can directly approach him. 

Thus initially he is willing to give sufficient discounts in order that the proposed “Relationship Model” should work well for both the parties. Depending on success of venture the future relationship can be negotiated.

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