The need to protect the self & the family from threat is one of the chief Cancerian characteristics. Challenge a Cancerian in argument & remarkable self-defence system springs into action. The expression tightens & clouds, a frown quickly appears between the eyes & there is an instant, rather snappy answer. This is rather enigmatic zodiac type, but familiarity with a Cancerian reveals loving-kindness & caring beneath an unpromising surface. A high emotional level is married to very considerable intuition. Emotional & loving, Intuitive & imaginative, shrewd & cautious, Protective & sympathetic. Changeable & moody, Overemotional & touchy, clinging & unable to let go.
Cancer is a water sign, supportive & emotional. Cancel is the sign of emotional sensitivity & sympathy. This sign, more than any other, is associated with domestic security & homemaking. Cancers are known for being very complex & often difficult to understand due to their ever-changing mood swings. One minute they can be cranky & combative & the next they may seem the sweetest & most caring individuals.
Cancers have a highly developed instinct for self-defence that protects them from their inner vulnerability & shyness. Like a crab’s shell, their personalities often project a tough exterior within which they can retreat to. When hurt, Cancers often react by withdrawing & sulking, a tactic that they have refined to perfection. Cancers can be extremely stubborn & child-like, & do not usually give in until they get their way.
But underneath lies a softer side, a gentle, sensitive & emotional interior. Cancer’s are by nature caring & protective. Their maternal instincts lead them to form life-long bonds & not just with family members, but anyone they come to care about deeply. Their main drive in life is to establish domestic security for themselves & for those around them. Cancers desire wealth only as a means to achieve this stability & to have money for a rainy day. They are very fond of the past & are very aware of their family lineage.
Their great sensitivity makes cancers almost impossible to deceive. Also, they have their own way of doing things. Like a Crab’s walk, their direction is often sideways & ambiguous, but they almost certainly reach their goals. If they can learn to temper their moodiness, Cancers can channel their great energies into positive directions. If one can learn to approach them, they can be loyal & devoted allies at work or at play.

Protectively, sensitively, moodily.

The imagination in strong & vivid, but emotion & imagination combined, if not carefully governed, can result in almost continual worry, especially over loved ones. They are certainly high on the list of zodiac worriers, but their intuition & instincts, if trusted, are sound & can be used to mitigate any resulting problems. However a sense of logic must also be developed, to work in conjunction with the natural intuition. 
The Cancerian mind is at its best when allowed to work instinctively & this should be most useful when making decisions as there is then no need for procrastination. Even if there are no problems, their natural tenacity & bravery in the face of difficulties will see these people through. The worst Cancerian fault is moodiness: one moment they are on top of the world, the next they are sunk into a deep, black depression.


They make wonderfully caring partners; they are very emotional & have a great deal of pure love to express. They should realise that they can hurt their lovers, releasing their own tension or worry in sharp, even cruel remarks. However their partners respond in a similar fashion, they don’t like it at all!
A delightfully sentimental streak is shown towards loved ones: Cancerians will hunt out beautiful old birthday or valentine cards & are inventive present givers, but they should avoid being too cloying or over sentimental towards their partners. They also tend to look the past & may be reluctant to move a relationship forward. They are marvellously sensual lovers, but can be disproportionately upset by the slightest insensitivity. Once in a permanent relationship, they will be firmly committed to family life, including children. 


Sensitivity will emerge very early in life, & even they babies are remarkably intuitive. Changes in the home atmosphere will immediately be reflected in the personal mood - & baby Cancer will (much more than other youngsters) be all smiles one moment & all tears the next. As young they grow up they will develop a strong memory, sometimes they seem to know more about the past than the present. They can be picky eaters, so the iron hand in the velvet glove may be needed here. The Cancerian digestion does tend to be sensitive, but giving way to food fads can lead to problems later on.
If a Cancerian child is naughty, the best reaction is to say “You’ve hurt Mommy by doing that” & appeal to his or her inherent sensitivity. It is also important that parents encourage young they to be tidy! The sign is notorious for untidiness & hoarding, there will be a battle whenever the toy chest is sorted out - even rubbish will be deemed to have great sentimental value.
Cancerian children can be shy & wary when they first go to school. It is from this age that their instinctive, protective & defensive shells begin to develop, supporting the bravery & tenacity with which they can move forward in life. The need for parenthood is instinctive & strong. 
They adore their children & if anything, tend to cosset them, becoming over concerned & worried at the slightest provocation. The security of the home & family unit is vital to them & when their children leave home these parents suffer more than most.


The typical they tenacity & determination is perhaps the greatest asset of these people. In many ways they enjoy variety & change, but their careers must also have a certain continuity. They can then take advantage of past experience & apply it to the present. They are usually extremely shrewd & this sign often confers an excellent business sense : another area in which their instinct & intuition serve them well. The caring professions attract, including teaching, particularly of young children. Nursing & gynaecology are also popular. It is also good for them to develop & express their vivid imaginations. Any work involving the past - such as the business or museum work will appeal to them. They are also natural cooks.
Fulfilment is more important to them than ambition, but they are keen to make money & sometimes the Cancerian hoarding instinct can mean they are reluctant to part with it.

Change & retirement

Changes of mood are very much part of the Cancerian makeup, but these people are less ready to change their lifestyles - usually because of the disruption involved. Nevertheless, when faced with the prospect of retirement they will consider moving to another area, but should think carefully about this they may be parted from their family & if they buy a smaller property it may not be large enough for everyone to come & stay. Retirement will allow them to enjoy a new rhythm of life & they will enjoy following their many spare time interests, which may include a special collection of some kind.
Losing a job is hard to accept a Cancerian’s determination to find a new job should be supported to the hilt, so that the effort eclipses the worry of being out of work (which may demolish the self-confidence).

Health, diet & exercise

Keeping the sensitive they system in good order requires regular, rhythmical exercise. Swimming (from as early an age as possible) is strongly recommended, as is dancing.
The digestion will almost certainly suffer from time to time - especially when the individual is at all worried. A diet rich in fish & dairy produce (provided the cholesterol level is not too high) is usually beneficial & will help stabilise the system. The sign Cancer, it must be emphasised, has nothing to do with the disease of the same name. However, because cancer rules the breasts, women of this sign should ensure they regularly examine them & have periodic check ups with their doctors. Cancerian men should not ignore any minor ailment, if only to prevent undue worry.

Cancer as ascendant (Lagna)

Psychological motivation : When Cancer rises, great satisfaction is gained from caring for & cherishing others. Sometimes this instinct is so strong that the world outside the Cancerian’s immediate & cozy circle can be viewed as a threat. Even so, the attitude is protective, not possessive. Cancer is a cardinal sign, the keyboard for which is “outgoing” :This suggests a conflict, but that is not necessarily so : They give out an enormous amount of energy & vitality - to those in an immediate circle. If people with Cancer rising do not live within or create a family environment, their powerful caring motivations will be expressed towards an ideal, burning interest, often personalised in a real sense of vocation : they will make the chosen cause very much their own. People with Cancer rising will be fascinated to explore their own personalities, but if they enter psychotherapy they should remain aware of their self-defence systems, otherwise they may too readily accept the suggestions of the analyst.
Particular ambition is shown for their partners, may be even to the extent of social climbing on their behalf. They should recognise that a hint of coldness & distance can mar the closest long-term relationship; this should not be a problem, but ought to be watched if it is not to be harmful. Any difficulties should be discussed as honestly as possible.
Illogical worry about the health is likely, causing a vicious circle - worry will lead to digestive problems that cause more worry. They will search medical dictionaries for imagined disease - it can be a hobby! This must be recognised, for peace of mind as well as physical well-being.
When Cancer is rising the person concerned very easily takes on the colour of any powerful influence. Therefore, any planets in the first house of the birth chart, especially if conjunct the Ascendant, will have a profound effect on the personality.

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