This is a sign of Contracts. There is great potential for success in every Capricorn, through sometimes they refuse to recognize it & their outlook can be pessimistic, so the potential may undeveloped. On the one hand, some members of this sign are ambitious & aspiring, with the energy & will to succeed in whatever they set themselves to do; on the other, there are those who may have the desire to do well, but are hindered by inhibition & lack of self-confidence (sometimes disguised by a feigned laziness).
Capricorn is an earth sign, conservative & ambitious. The one trait that best describes those born under this sign is ambition. Their lives are devoted to achieving something, whether it be an intellectual discovery, meeting a personal commitment, fulfilling a business obligation, or some other lofty objective. They have a tireless drive to accomplish their mission & they plod on methodically until they succeed. Like their symbol, the mountain goat, they are steady & sure-footed & take few risks on the way.
Capricorns are highly intelligent & take naturally to positions of authority. They are excellent administrators & use every toll at their disposal to organize, plan & problem solve their way to their goal. They constantly stri9ve towards security & they regard hard work & financial rewards as ways to secure their well-being. They only desire money because it is a guarantee against whatever the uncertain future holds.
They are very confident & have great faith in their own abilities. Often, they feel that they can only depend on themselves & this is sometimes misinterpreted by others who think them cold & detached. This is far from true, however, as they can be very sympathetic & understanding. Just when you least expect it, they can show you an excellent sense of humor which is wry, witty & very funny.
Practical & prudent ambitious &disciplined patents & careful humors & reserved, Pessimistic & fatalistic Miserly & grading over conventional & rigid.

Prudently, aspiringly, calculatedly, grumblingly

Both type of they are conventional & sometimes even slaves to convention; they want always to be seen to do “the right thing”. Both have a splendidly offbeat humor, vividly contrasting with a strong tendency of grumble. Both are prudent & methodical sometimes sense of prudent & methodical. Sometimes the successful Capricorn achievers suffer a lack of confidence, while the less confidence, while the less confident & successful may snap out influence of Mercury may be seen under such circumstances: when that planet is in Sagittarius, for instance).
One of the most endearing characteristics is the dour sense of humor already mentioned: even at their most serious & formal, this can suddenly erupt, patience is one of their virtues, as is insight, but the less self-confident, aspiring they ate usually very disciplined, but to find lovable, tender traits in a Sun sign Capricorn. Fortunately this is only side of the character; other element is the full birth chart will without doubt add warmth to this apparently rather chilly personality.


They about starting married life in a great & may postpone emotional commitments until they are quite late in life. They may then choose someone who is a parent figure or at least commands administration & respect. They can also marry for money or social status. They have a rather low emotional level & may find hard to show their true feelings, especially in intimate relationships. They should realize this & accept that very often their partners need reassurance that they are still loved, especially if the Capricorn is much involved with a career & time at home is at a premium.


Capricorn children are very loyal & need to express natural pride in their parents, who in turn must realize that these children are highly conventional & need a secure, structured & disciplined background. They also need well-reasoned encouragement-one of the best reward is extra responsibility & pocket money. Their self-confidence, sense of fun & especially their sheer enjoyment of life need constant bolstering if they aren’t grow too serious & old before their time. It shouldn’t be depressing if the child hovers near the not likely. The sense of ambition should always be cultivated & encouraged.
Capricorn parents are eager for their children’s success, but should always remember to show their love, affection & appreciate openly-not just with impressive present, but also by giving the children their time. Ambitious they can be so involved in their careers & in making money(albeit for the benefit of the family) that they have no time to enjoy their home lives & in extreme cases – especially if the children went at boarding school – they will suddenly find themselves sharing a home with adults they don’t know very well. The importance of moral especially during the teenage years when children naturally rebel against parental control. An unbridgeable generation gap must not be allowed to develop.


While members of many zodiac signs find it hard to cope responsibility because of loneliness that is often involved, self-confident they may welcome the chance to sit in their own offices at their own desks, keeping their closest colleagues at a distance. They may of course still have to seek & take advice but they can find this rather irksome, probably because they feel they should know everything & don’t like being reminded otherwise. It is once again, a question of self-confidence; they find it distressing if anything tends to undermine this. Not all capricorns as autocratic as we suggest, but there is almost always an element of autocracy somewhere in their character. The carpicorn ladder to success must be steadily climbed; attempts to scale several rungs at once may be disastrous. On the other hand, the top of the ladder is always achievable & they should set their sights at least as high as it topmost rung.
The attitude to money is a careful one & yes, that may be a synonym for meanness! Early in their career these people will probably subscribe to saving schemes & if they are free with their money it will often be sent to the people who can help them with their careers, entertaining them to do dinner perhaps, Although they are found in all works of life, of course, may do particularly well in local government, banking & finance, estate management, the building trades, the dental profession & in osteopathy. The self-made businessman is often a capricorn.

Changes & retirement

The Capricorn ability for long-term planning should mean that periods of charge would be anticipated. Typically, each change should result in positive material progress, adding to the individual’s self confidence & positive outlook. Prudent saving & investment will ensure a good standard of living on retirement. These people should have no problems in filling their well-earned free time with all the activities they have looked forward to tacking. An earth sign, they persuades its denizens into the garden or certainly in to the fresh air. But this is also a very musical sign & a literary one, so music & books will help to fill the days.

Health & exercise

They are on the whole very sensible about their diets, recognizing the drawbacks of self-indulgence, but they should perhaps watch their calcium levels. Perhaps the most important advice one can give them is to keep moving, for many spend long hours behind a desk & can easily develop spiffiness in the joints, leading to arthritic conditions. They must take particular care of their knee – joints (this is the capricorn body area). Teeth & skin are also concerns of this sign & need special care. Rather like their partners across the zodiac, the cancerians, they should be very careful of their skin when in strong sunlight ; a high-grade sun-screen filter should always be used when sun-bathing.

Capricorn as a ascendant

Psychological motivation:- The most crucial can weaving self-confidence; one moment these people think can rule the world & the next they are very confidential in some spheres & very nervous in rule the world & the next they can cope with their job, but have no confidence that they can sustain a close personal relationship or even established. This often arises from an inability to see themselves clearly. So they underestimate their own achievements. They must take themselves at others valuations, accepting compliments gracefully & believing them. Perhaps surpassingly, once these people settle into a permanent relationship they become very caring, very sensitive to their partner’s needs & often their emotions flow more positively. These traits will be most noticeable to the partner & even close friends may not discern them. A tendency to worry may increase with their natural concern for their partners. Problems may cause digestive difficulties which in extreme circumstances will lead to ulcers or skin disorders. To avoid this build-up of internal tension they need a routine which allows time for leisure activities, relaxation & some physical exercise. They can be too easily depressed, even by minor setbacks; pessimism can help to clam & cheer them, but above all, they should use their inherent relational qualities. They should also make room in their lives for the spiritual as well as the material. 

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