(5 - 14 - 23)

You give good guidance to any other people, on your own guts. You can do difficult work. In hurry don't take any decisions. You are highly ambitious. You change your thinking time to time so plans remains incomplete. Don't depend on others, do your work on your own capabilities, then you will be successful. Many times you are not able to concentrate. You are quick in through and decisions and impulsive in your action. You get angry on little little things. You are brave, modern thinking person. You like truth & justice.
Be careful in money transaction. Don't like to borrow money. If you can use your talent & skill & develop the relation with people (sweet language), Then you can fulfill your dreams & desire. Don't be confused about your thoughts. You are an intelligent & talented person. You can read the mind of the people. You will like to go out of birth - place or out of country also for the prosperity. Sometimes your own people (around you) will not help you in crises. Nothing to worry about it. Be confident about your self & think positive. Everything will be alright.
Your greatest drawback is your nervous strength under any mental tension. You are irritable & quick tempered. You are impulsive in your action. You are can ready to take risk in the business. You like adventure. Mentally you are extra-ordinary alert & agile. You are self-disciplined person. You loved travel, exploration, speed & movement. You are not sentimental. Most of the time you are using your brain not heart which make you practical in life. Try to keep secretes, the person who trust you. Don't try to exploit any body. You are very successful in your life. Keep it up.

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