(4 - 13 - 22)

You are moody, luxurious and live in your world. You like sports, roaming around. Many times you are injured. In childhood you will be little irresponsible angry and stubborn, go out with your friends. Concentration in studies in school is necessary. And you are also irresponsible about your health. You never trust anybody quickly. Your enemies are near you. Keep hold on your tongue. By your nature you make friends very quickly. You are interested in studies or like different things but when you grow up your career changes. In your life you will earn lot of money and that way you will near by people you don't get real lonely and there is also possibilities of misunderstanding.
You can develop your talent & skill outside the birth place. In your young age you have to struggle hard. Nobody will except easily your personality & your way of work because you want freedom. You are very clear & you speak the truth in front of everybody that's why some you create more enemies than friends. You will have many up & downs in your life. Not a very easy life because you take always risk in your family members & relatives & people around you. You have a differences. You will make the money but you may not save it.
The one trait that best describes those born under this sign is ambition. Your lives are devoted to achieving something, whether it be an intellectual discovery, meeting a personal commitment, fulfilling a business obligation, or some other lofty objective. You have a tireless drive to accomplish their mission & will plod on methodically until you succeed. Like their symbol, the mountain goat, they are steady & sure-footed & take few risks on the way.
In very young age you are not a very serious person. Not very good in studies. Your favourite subject will be sports & moving around with the friends. Like outdoor games. Your parents will be worried about your future in your very young age. After young age (25 to 45) you have to struggle hard. Many ups & downs. Not very good relations with nearest friends & family people. You have to fight alone for everything. Don't loose your confidence & courage. You can reach your target.

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