Versatility is the hallmark of sun sign Geminians. This is the first dual sign of the zodiac & its subjects find it essential to pursue several courses of action at once. They also need to communicate on all levels. Their potential can be expressed in many ways, but especially through the media. This need for communication is so strong that theyíll telephone their local radio station with comments on every conceivable subject & will even chat to someone in a bus line if no one else is available at the time.
Gemini is an air sign, analytical & ever-changing. Intelligent, communicative & non-conformist are the qualities that best describe those born under the sign of Gemini. The influence of mercury on the intellect give Geminis a thirst for learning & knowledge, which in turn they wish to tell everyone about. Their quick imagination & wit allows them to jump from one topic to another in conversation & they can keep an audience riveted with their charm, originality & mental agility.
They are often moody & unpredictable; hence the dual quality of their personality. They constantly crave variety & new stimulus & are prone to depression if this urge is not satisfied. But not for long, for their energy & quick thinking always propels them in a new direction. A happy gemini is a they with four of five interest going at the same time. Restless by nature, they often find themselves with more than one job, hobby, career & lover.
The down side to Geminiís personality is their constant contempt for the status quo & authority Ė breaking the rules is their motto, which can sometimes work against their best efforts. Another weakness of Gemini is superficiality. With so much going on, only the surface can be scratched in many endeavors, leaving a feeling of unfulfillment. However Geminiís quick thinking & gift for improvisation can save the day by allowing them to creatively turn their negative tendencies into potentials for success. Adaptable & versatile, communicative & witty, Intellectual & eloquent, youthful & lively. Nervous & tense, Superficial & inconsistent, cunning & inquisitive. 

communicatively, adaptable, versatility, restlessly.

Superficiality is the worst they fault & should be controlled these people tend to know a little about many subjects & sometimes fail to acquire truly deep knowledge of the things that really interest them. An ability to quickly assimilate knowledge can work well under certain conditions (see below), but it is important for this type to realize the necessity based on some matters.
A tendency to inconsistency is another problem; the geminian need for variety & change makes it all too easy for these people to start a great many different projects but leave most of them unfinished. Once more, awareness of this element in their characters will help counter it.
They are very logical, rational people & generally speaking, their minds work very quickly, but the influence of their ruling planet, Mercury, is important & must be carefully considered.


They unquestionably need a lively, intellectual rapport with their partners. Shared interest are important & the partner should have his or her own definite opinions, which will be enjoyably discussed & argued over. All of this will add lively spice to the partnership.
They often donít entirely trust their emotions. When overwhelmed by feelings they will immediately bring their rational, logical minds into play, trying to explain their emotions to themselves in order to give them a coherent perspective. This can cause problems, especially when they are still young & coming to terms with the expression of emotion.

A Geminian child will start talking & probably crawling, then walking, at a very early age. The parents of such a child should make quite sure that their youngster has plenty with which to keep happily occupied, as boredom will not be tolerated Ė indeed, they almost fear it. To get to grips very early on with the tendency to inconsistency & superficiality, the child should be encouraged to finish all tasks that are started, although it would wrong to insist that he or she tackle them one at a time. 
Geminian children usually do quite well at school, but they can bluff their way through tests. Really clever teachers will soon recognize this & be able to stay several steps ahead of their Geminian students; less shrewd instructors will be taken for elaborate rides. At examination time the Geminian will probably write reams & reams of opinion rides. At examination time the Geminian will probably write reams & reams of opinion, backed up by too few essential facts: they usually find facts boring!
It goes without saying that they are lively parents, filling their childrenís out of school hours with activity. They must be careful, since their children may not be as versatile or have such quick minds, as they themselves. They should consider the basic needs & true qualities of their children, which may not coincide with their own. There is a very powerful critical streak in every geminian, which can be more damning than they realise & may badly deflate & upset their children, it should be softened with humor & tempered by praise.

The Geminian versatility & communicative skills should ideally be used in a career. Many Geminians do very well working in the media & are also the natural sales people of the zodiac, doing well in department stores, advertising & as commercial travellers. Their need for change & variety must definitely not be ignored: predictable routine is inimical to them. So is solitary work, but at least when a they acquires a lonely top job, he or she will never fail to listen to former colleagues, although this doesnít always mean that their advice will be accepted! A full & free interchange of ideas & the batting to & from of different opinions, is important.
In business, they can highly shrewd & cunning & if they apply these characteristics to making money they often do extremely well, although sometimes a faulty decision perhaps to hastily made, will result in financial collapse. This is not an overly ambitious sign, but the Gemini imagination will happily enjoy success before it is actually achieved, which acts as a spur!

Change & retirement

Continual change is a way of life for Geminians, as we have suggested, their chief fear in life is being bored, so will continually find new ways of keeping themselves interested. If they donít then their dearest & nearest must, at the slightest sign of twitchiness, do it for them. Leisure! They donít have time or any every moment is filled with activity, even if that is just writing or conversation. The thought of retirement wonít dismay them, because there are many interest they want to pursue (probably all at once!) when they eventually find the time.

Health & exercise
Although not necessarily strong , these people are almost certainly wiry & apparently perpetually young, so should not have to much trouble with their health. Any difficulties that do arise may perhaps be for psychological rather than physical reasons- They have vast amounts of nervous energy which must burned off. They are usually too individual really to enjoy team games & they can quickly grow bored with the strict routine of formal exercise. The best solution is to join a health club but to use it in combination with other, individual, forms of exercise, such as running, jogging, walking, squash & tennis.
They rules the lungs & sun sign they must watch carefully for resigns of breathlessness or when a cold goes to their chests. It is vital that, if possible, they should refrain from smoking, which, while bad for everybody, is particularly lethal for them. They thrive best on a light diet of fresh salads & fruits & white meat.
Gemini as ascendant (Lagna): - 

Psychological motivation: - Surprisingly for such a volatile zodiac type, people with Gemini rising want to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. However interested they may be occult or the spiritual, they will question every concept that is put to them & may reject it unless it can be proved either by argument or evidence. They also question every attitude of their own, wanting to know precisely why have adopted it.
They can get bogged down if they undergo psychoanalysis, because the deeper they explore their own personalities, the more twists & turns they will notice & want to follow, adding question to question until they get lost in the thicket. One even asks whether they really want to know themselves.
Some interesting characteristics emerge in relationships. A warm, passionate enthusiasm & optimism will delight the partner but as well as the Sun Geminianís need for friendship, those with Gemini rising will always challenge their partners, encourage them to achieve more & endow the relationships joie de vivre. Shared interests help to cement their relationships : the couple will gain much intellectual satisfaction from each other. The partner may develop more versatility, while the they may complete more activities.
A strongly independent streak is likely & these people canít cope with jealousy or possessiveness. They hate jealousy partly because they canít understand it: itís natural for them to be interested in other men or women, as well as the one they are with. This might develop into a sexual interest, but it isnít inevitable. The situation should be watched, but it is unwise to nag unless it becomes really necessary. The hands are vulnerable-perhaps, in later years, to arthritis. Any signs of this should be checked with a doctor at the earliest possible moment. Most they (Sun or Ascendant) like to use their hands in various forms of craft work & keep them mobile, but those with Gemini rising should consciously exercise their fingers.
Nervous tension can easily build up & may exacerbate an asthmatic tendency. If the subject is very young, he or she will probably grow out of it, in older people, that may be more difficult & the answer may lie in treating the tension rather than the asthma.

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