Leo is ruled by the Sun & its symbol is the Lion. Lion is a fire sign, creative & grandiose. Just like the Sun is the centre of our planetary system, Leos see themselves as the centre of all life. There is no sign in the zodiac more proud or regal. Like their symbol the Lion, they rule majestically over their respective kingdoms, be they an entire nation, an office or simply a household.
They are warm & generous by nature & believe in giving themselves wholeheartedly to the right causes. In return, however, they expect the same loyalty & integrity they exhibit from others. The role they assume is that of nobility & therefore tend to do things in a grand & flamboyant manner. They feel most in their element when they are the object of everyone’s attention & will seek the spotlight whenever they can. They have a talent for appearing regal & stately before others & spend a great deal of energy influencing how others perceive them.
Leos are practical, enthusiastic, hard working, & remarkably self-confident. They tend to gravitate towards positions of authority & there strong sense of integrity & optimism make them excellent leaders. They are at their best in positions of power & responsibility. However, like the Lion, they can become lazy & indolent if their desire for authority is not fulfilled.
Leos like the good life & will spare no expense to surround themselves with the finest luxuries possessions. Nothing is too good for them, from the restaurants they frequent to the way they dress. They have a dislike for the ordinary & the routine & are constantly seeking new excitement.
If they have an Achilles heel it is in their insatiable thirst for admiration. Their egos demand constant flattery & praise. If they not receive their share, they become withdrawn & sulky, but are too proud to ask for complements. However, their natural optimism & sunny disposition brings them back around & before long, they are back to their original pomp & flamboyance.
Organisation is essential for Leos, who need control in their lives. With the slightest encouragement, their organisational ability will spill over into the disordered lives of others. 
The risk lies in their talking over, because they hate to see ability wasted. Their worst fault is in assuming they always know best. They may also be extremely dogmatic & so must cultivate flexible minds & respect for others opinions. The characteristic Leonine warmth, generosity & desire to understand others can then be fully indulged. Generous & warm-hearted, Creative & enthusiastic, Broad-minded & expansive, Faithful & loving. Pompous & patronising, Bossy & interfacing, Dogmatic & intolerant.

Creatively, impressively, Powerfully.

A powerfully creative urge is present in every Leo & must be expressed, otherwise a very great deal of potential will be wasted. This does not mean all Leos are painters, actors or sculptors : creation can take place in the kitchen, at the sewing machine, in the garden or at the workbench. The innate Leo enthusiasm is expressed in other areas of life, too : the sun, ruling this sign, gives Leos an infectious vitality. They must live life to the full & like to see others doing so as well. They have an inner sun which not only illuminates. Their own lives & activities, but also lights up the lives of others, or perhaps gives them energy. Leo days should be full, with not a moment wasted, since lack of fulfilment, professionally or personally, can totally destroy them & cloud their personalities. 


Domination of partners is a possibility that cannot be underestimated. It may be well meant, as when they long to bring out the best in the other person, but nevertheless, Leos shouldn’t always be allowed to wear the trousers!
They are surprisingly sensitive, & can be hurt very easily - partly because they are often emotionally idealistic. While this makes them wonderfully supportive & often real powers behind the throne, few people can be safely worshipped & invariably Leos are disappointed in the end. They can also take criticism very much to heart.
Exuberant enjoyment & pleasure are gained from sex, but Leos don’t like their love to be rough & ready. They almost demand to be wined, dined & then seduced in luxury!


The sunny disposition & ready enthusiasm of a Leo child appeals at a very early age, & is always quite delightful. Natural organisational ability soon shows itself, but parents should watch for any tendency towards bossiness in their Leo offspring, who may be seen putting the whole play school in its place.
Managing the lives of siblings is a distinct possibility when the Leo child is older than them. This self-assertion, however, is not quite as strong as it seems, & it is surprisingly easy to deflate young Leos - perhaps when a well meaning adult severely criticise a Leo child do so with affection & humour, otherwise you will severely crush his or her self-confidence. Listening to the opinions of others, even if the child does not accept them, should be actively encouraged. He or she is then less likely to become entrenched in fixed ideas & beliefs. The Leonine stubborn streak must also be discouraged.
Leo enthusiasms last a lifetime: if a Leo child is interested in a particular subject or hobby, it is unlikely that it will ever be completely rejected, so it is worthwhile & most important to nurture early interests. Leo parents are excellent at recognising & encouraging their children's potential, but they must beware of forcing their own interests & enthusiasms on them. They will insist on the highest standards, but most not except more than can be given. Challenge is good, but incessant pressure is not.


Emotional involvement in a career is essential if they are to feel fulfilled. They are found, of course, in all walks of life, but basically are at their best when able to use their excellent creative potential & organisational abilities. Their natural sense of drama should also be expressed. The theatre is an obvious possibility, but they can be equally at home in trades associated with luxury & glamour. Many Leos are in their element in a courtroom or in the operating theatre: talking centre stage comes naturally to them.
Innately ambitious, Leos are interested in money chiefly for the luxury it can bring. They love buying & enjoying beautiful things & quality clothes, & they also love to travel just as long as it can be done in comfort! When they reach the top of the tree they usually contrive to stay there & to make quite sure they are seen!
Leos make excellent employers, due to their good powers of leadership. However they must retain their natural enthusiasm for life & their desire to improve the lives of others. As they deplore anything second rate or of a low standard, their employees will be well looked after but also excepted to give of their best. For this reason, Leo bosses can appear difficult & must subdue any autocratic tendencies.

Change, leisure & retirement

Leos never rush into change in a foolhardy way, because they are not over fond of it. However, if they can learn to view important periods of change as a succession of challenges & a means to progress, they will cope well.
Leisure is an alien concept to Leos, who prefer to fill every moment with activity. They are amateurs in the true sense, since they have no hobbies into money making concerns, for they won't want to accept a standard of living that is lower than the one they have been used to.

Health, diet

Keeping an even tenor in their lives is important. Otherwise, their usually excellent vitality many be burned out now & again through exhaustion.
The heart is the Leo organ, so they would do well to prevent possible heart disease by careful diet & regular exercise. The back is also vulnerable & should be carefully exercised as well. Dancing, ice-skating & forms of exercise with a creative element are especially rewarding. A love of rich foods should be curbed.

Leo as ascendant (Lagna)

Psychological motivation : The organisational ability of any individual is powerfully enhanced when Leo rises. Unfortunately, so is the likelihood of pomposity & the conviction that the Leo knows better than anyone else. This Unattractive assumption should be controlled. The desire to succeed is also very strong, but may lead to the stifling of creative instincts in favour of success in the career, which will be sought after so as to enable the lifestyle of the Leo & his or her family. This is wholly admirable, but may well be damaging if the vital creative urge is not given some expression: They need to create as well as to prosper. The well-balanced to Leo will be psychologically secure, & provided ambition is balanced by a degree of humility, the inner strength of this dynamic sigh is of the greatest advantage. But the inherent desire for psychological wholeness will not always be accompanied by a willingness to face up to negative personality traits(such as vanity), & disasters may follow.
The ideal partner has a strong & independent mind, against which the subject can sharpen his or her wits : someone with different & stimulating ideas & ambitions would be perfect to keep the mentally active Leo on the ball. If a partner is outstanding in his or her own right, either because of success or some other characteristic, such as great beauty, then so much the better. The subject can then bask in the reflected glory.
Vulnerability to psychological disorders is fairly common & these aliments frequently show themselves externally. A bad back or neckache may be caused, for instance, by a blow to the self-esteem or some overly harsh criticism that has been taken too much to heart. Apparently inexplicable back pain can be a more or less regular circumstances; if it becomes really disabling, these people should look to their lifestyles & try to find a possible psychological cause.

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