The scales, the symbol of this sign, have a deeply symbolic meaning for Sun sign librans, since the need for balance & harmony in their lives is paramount. They need a harmonious background, free of undue pressure & argument, in order to be happy. They will sometimes even make sacrifices for the sake of peace & quite, giving into easily to pressure from others, & when confronted with a problem they will sit on the fence until the problem goes away, rather than commit themselves to one side or the other.

Traditional Libra Traits

Diplomatic & urbane, Romantic & Charming, Easygoing & sociable, Idealistic & peaceable. Indecisive & changeable, Gullible & easily influenced, Flirtatious & self-indulgent.

Harmoniously, sympathetically, and resentfully.
Basic Personality

Decision making or supporting one side of an argument, often involves taking one person's side against another & They have a deep dislike to hurting other people. Indecision is the worst libran fault. They find it more difficult to cope with loneliness than any other sign of the zodiac. Complete happiness for them means sharing their lives, although when they are alone, other areas of their birth charts may show qualities which enable them to come to terms with this problem.
Laziness & relaxation are often associated with this sign but that is not entirely fair. While they may not enjoy heavy, dirty jobs, they certainly don't lack physical energy, especially if the work has a creative element; indeed, recent research has shown that those born within the first five or six days of this sun sign period may seem relaxed because they make time to listen to friends problems & sympathize is sorrow or share joy, but actually they are very active & anything but time-wasters.
Libra is ruled by Venus & its symbol is the Scale. Libra is an Air sign, charming & balanced.
Libra are defined by a highly developed social sense that draws them towards people. They have a special need for companionship & for contact with the public, whether it be art, law, performing arts or even business partnership.
They have a natural attraction to beautiful things, thanks in part to the influence of the planet Venus. They possess elegant tastes & enjoy all the good things in life that money can buy. Their admiration of the beautiful tends to make them just as hungry for the praise & attention of others . They can become overly concerned with out ward appearances & will judge others by their looks & apparent disposition on more than one occasion.
Hard working & optimistic, Libra's are known for being great partners in business & team sports. They attract the respect those who interact with them for their sense of fair play & charm. They make good counselors & have a keen sense of the human psyche. They are warm-hearted, pleasant & naturally romantic. They may not save the world, but they will do everything in their power to make it a better place to live in.


The most important sphere of a these life, whether Libra is the Sun sign or Ascendant, is the one-to-one relationship. They are not psychologically whole until this has been successfully achieved & their usual indecision may well be starry-eyed for months when planning their wedding, without, perhaps, giving sufficient thought to what comes after the ceremony.
Although usually peace-loving, They sometimes provoke arguments (even quite serious ones) with their partners to rest their affection & reassure themselves that the partnership is really loving. They should be aware of this tendency; repeatedly upsetting the boat just in order to be reused can be irritating to others. They can be extremely generous, but should recognize the moment when their motives becomes not the giving of pleasure but the purchase of affection.


The Libran child is charming & eager to please, parents should watch for any tendency to procrastination or laziness, which can develop into serious problems later in life. It is essential that the child is encouraged to be decisive; given a choice, Libran children will often ask "What would you choose, Mommy?" Don't give in to this ploy! Point out the various options & do all you can to make young they have the confidence to think for themselves.
School is important for all children, but a Libran child treated unfairly ("It's not fair!" is a common complaint) will magnify the injustice to such an extent that it will interface with the teaching process & upset the child for much longer than might be excepted. Creative potential should be recognized & encouraged; there is often real talent is often real talent here, but if left to itself it may not develop as quickly as with some other Sun signs.
Libran parents are kind, loving & gentle, but must beware of being outwitted by a quicker-minded child playing on the Libran tendency to give in rather than insist on the course they know to be best. It is also all too easy to spoil a child for the sake of peace & quite, especially by offering bribes! It is also all too easy to allow oneself to be worn down by a child's please for an expensive toy or piece of equipment; don't give in too quickly (if at all), especially if fashion is involved. A Libran parent's indecision can infuriate his or her children: decisions should not be shelved or handed over to the partner ("Wait until Daddy comes home")


They enjoy luxury & a comfortable lifestyle, so they need to earn plenty of money. They can also be overly generous, which can act as a spur to often, impressive careers. Their working environment is not of great importance to them, but their colleagues are - they dislike fussy people, slave drivers & employers who won't allow them to work at their own pace. Their need for harmony is shown here : like-minded colleagues are a boon.
Any profession calling for tact & diplomacy offers them great opportunities. The luxury trades (fashion, beauty, cosmetics) are popular, while the qualities of their polar sign, Aries, sometimes attract them to the armed services, where they may attain rank. They are ambitious, but should think carefully before taking a lonely top job, isolation does not agree with them.

Change, leisure & retirement

Moving from one district to another will be very disturbing to a Libran, so changes of this kind should be minimized unless the individual is certain of their many benefits. The idea of approaching retirement will be blissful - in theory nothing is more attractive than the thought of not having to rise early, go to work, cope with the petty problems of a working life. However, without a compelling interest in life, retirement will be less fulfilling than these people imagine & they may even find themselves aging quickly. New & enjoyable hobbies or activities will release fresh areas of potential.

Health, diet & exercise

It is all too easy for they to dismiss the idea of regular exercise, but they really do need it. Indeed, it should be an integral part of their life. It is excellent for them to join a health club that offers a good social life & a pleasant ambience, so they can not only work out but also meet congenial people. The exercise itself should be steady rather than spasmodically energetic. The Libran liking for rich, sweet food should be resisted whenever possible; a lighter diet is best & inaction can encourage weight again. The kidneys are the Libran organs & tension or worry can provoke headaches. If these persist, medical advice is needed.

Libra as ascendant (Lagna)

Psychological motivation: Libra is not one of the strongest signs of the zodiac; any other powerful influence in the birth chart can sap its positive characteristics, specially when it is the rising sign. However, many typically Libran elements will be a part of the personality, especially the all important need to relate which under these circumstances becomes the basic psychological motivations. Very often the whole personality is geared to this end, with people rushing into permanent relationships. Sadly, such premature commitments can end in heartbreak & divorce. The notorious Libran tendency to fall in love with love is here, however, spiced with lively sexuality & greater enthusiasm for the physical aspects of love than is often the case with a Libran Sun. The individual should be aware of his or her uncharacteristic leaning towards selfishness in close relationships.
Tendency to ignore personal faults rather than recognize & come to terms with them is also likely: self-satisfaction is not foreign to these people. Natural charm may at first disguise this, but not for long. Self-analysis is the best way for those with Libra rising to see clearly their character weakness & correct them. It is almost essential to invoke a partner or friend with whom they can talk things through & who is able to be severely critical when necessary. Worry or tension don't usually afflict those with they rising, so are unlikely to be the cause if the subject often has headaches. If these persist, medical advice should be sought as they may be due to a slight kidney disorder. Many charts will reveal people born with Neptune close to the Ascendant. If in the first house of the birth chart, it can weaken the personality by increasing the Libran tendency to take the line of least resistance. The gentler, softer qualities of these people will then be strengthened by Neptune's sign placing; very pleasant, no doubt, but full of inherent problems. These individuals must learn to face up to reality & not resort to negative escapism. If Neptune is in Libra in the twelfth house, there can be an inclination to experiment with drugs. The need to escape is better released through art or perhaps religious or spiritual interests.

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