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You are very sober simple & quite, but intelligent, understanding, introvert person. Don't like to be hard & loud. Very understanding & soft-spoken, truthful broad minded, kind hearted & understanding person. You have confidence & self-ego. In young age after the finishing of the studies in real life, you have confidence & self-ego. In young age after the finishing of the studies in real life, you have to struggle hard in life. In profession, you are not very lucky in the beginning, very slow start you will do many things. But after 35 you will prosper more. You will get success, name & fame gradually & you will reach the top.
You are broad minded, receptive, helpful person. You always take original ideas. You are very independent, trust worthy. You have your own principles. You keep the distance with people. You like the truth & Good Company. Very clear minded, straightforward. Slow & steady, nobody can complain you about for anything. Man of word. You don't like false commitments, though you are slow.
Progressing in your life & also face many huddles from the enemies, but finally you reach success. You will learn through experience. Your academic knowledge may not help you. But you will get some other good opportunity to change your line of profession. You will have many ups & downs. You are always ready to learn something new. Sometimes you are very sensitive. So many people may not understand you properly. In your profession you have many enemies. If you hate somebody you will not compromise with him or her. Sometimes you are very self -centered. Try to mix with the people. Don't be ambitious. You will have a great future. Never give up. Keep trying.
The lord of Kumbha (Aquarius) is Shani (Saturn), so you may be slow in the beginning but once you peak up the speed you can achieve your target. You are very intelligent, funny, charming, outgoing & optimistic person. You also concerned about others around you. If somebody has a problem you are always willing to listen & if it is possible, you definitely help him. If you make a promise, it's usually never broken him. In short you live in your world of idea & fillings. After struggle you will get a great success. Don't be stubborn any egoist. You are just fine.