Your Rashi lord is a mangal (marsh), so you are courageous, brave, short tempered, emotional, self-receptive person. No body can compel you for anything. You are a highly ambitious person. In younger age you have to struggle hard for success & finally after few years you can achieve your targets. You are a confidant, so don't loose heart & keep it up. You don't like lies, & any false allegation. You like to help others & helpless people.
You have an internal divine & hidden power, which gives you power & energy. You can judge the situation & understand people around you. You like a luxurious life & at the same time you are aware about your future plan also. You are a self-confident person & your decisions are very firm. You don't like to disturbed by anybody. It is also possible that people around you (you dearest & nearest person) may not like your progress & prosperity. People will appreciate your talent & skill because you have your own principle & philosophy. You are very honest & understanding person.
You don't like to cheat anybody. You are a man of your ward who likes the truth & doesn't like to make false commitments. What ever you decide you will do it. You want big achievements. You will not go for small things. You think very fast because you are intelligent person & decide logically. You can discuss many subjects & argue about that; some times you are so restless, so you cannot be one place for longer period. Success but unsatisfactory nature straight forward, which hurt to the others many times. You cannot save money. You are moody, emotional & helpful, who likes justice. You are open minded a creative person.
You like intellectual & intelligent people. You love to be asked for advise so you will give as much time, guidance & sympathy to the needy people. Your advice is so convincing & logical (Practical), which gives really strength to the others. You are a very frank confidant & striate forward, also aggressive & passionate. Mesh has tendency to be jealous, when you are in love. You like to command if somebody giving you orders you hate it. You knew to be independent, emotional & trustworthy. You like loyal & exciting partner who can understand you, & give you chance to prosper.