You look very sober soft & introvert person. You are very sensitive, emotional friendly confident, thoughtful person, who always dream & think something. You like to help others. Seems to be very quite & peaceful, but inside in mind always tense. You are not extrovert & hardly meeting with anybody & also don't trust them very self-Centered. You don't like crowds & loud music. You like your own lifestyle. You don't like showmanship & artificial things. You like art, culture & beauty. You like the truth. You are a very sensitive & sweet spoken person. Sometimes you think & calculate too much. Don't see your past & also heat your bad experience see your future.
Sometimes your mind is very fast, but your action is very slow. You are making money but cannot save it. That's why you are disturbed & tense about it trying hard to make money. Don't try many places. You are made for a job not for business specially partnership avoid that. You have selective friends, try to mix with the people & come out from introversive complex.
You're helpful to others. If you need money you may not open your truth. You have a your own way of living & religious nature. You trust god. You are very intelligent but not practical. Your family is normal but you struggle in your young age. Don't lose heart be positive in your life. After June 2000 some kind of change possible in your life within job or business & house, before 2001 December.
Everybody may not understand you. They may things that you have tendency to be an old fashion in beliefs. You love traditional things; you like the truth & believe in god. Hardly anybody can know that you are a romantic person, a great thinker & daydreamer & very sentimental. You cannot forget the childhood the old picture. Good & bad past experience is always with you. Emotional many times you wounded not very self. Nobody will really help you without interest. You are affectionate, romantic, sympathetic, imaginative, & quite person who will have much responsibility (social & family liability), which you cannot avoid.