The lord of Makar rashi is Saturn (Sani). You are very intelligent, confident, laborious & understanding person. Your personality is very good and you have a heavy pitch. These kind of people are very fast thinkers but some times they are very slow in action. You are an educated person but not very highly qualified. You think logically. You are well mannered, you like simplicity & cleanliness. You are a very disciplined & well organized. You never want anybodies obligations. You don't like showing off. You spend money sensibly & you like taking care of your guests lavishly. You like speaking the truth and also expect truth from others. You don't like to sycophant. You are an introvert person. You enjoy watching favorite games but don't like to participate in them. In your young age you have to struggle hard and finally after the hard labor and confidence you will be a successful person. You have to face many challenges in life especially from the family, house & outside also. You don't like to give up because you are a practical person and you work hard & also you are not very emotional. Most of the time you are using your intelligent brain, not the heart and at the same time you are very suspective and clever person. In your job or business you may not get an early promotion or profit but still you don't keep changing your profession. You work very hard.
You don't like to sit idle and want to do some constructive work all the time. You like to use the time and do something creative. You like to achieve success. Sometimes you are very frank and blunt that is why all the people around you many not like you all the time. You speak the truth, which many people don't like. Though from the outside you are very strict and ruthless but somewhere in the core you are a tender and altruistic person. You led a very strenuous and hectic life. You are found of good & tasty food.
In this ongoing period between August 2000 & Feb 2002 be aware about a few things like sudden expenditures, loans & your money might get stuck somewhere. Avoid arguments and legal problems. You will travel a lot in this period (short & long ones).

Mukund N.Trivedi