You look very smart & attractive. You are intelligent, laborious, smart & moody at times. First you make a plan for the future & then you start calculating everything. You can dill with any situation because you think logically. You know the art of living. When you decide to achieve any target then you never give up. You like to enjoy light moments, comedy & fool others. You are very courageous & very brave person. You also know how to deal with the difficult situation & difficult persons. You always try to improvise on your skill & also you are a highly ambitious person. Financially you are very sound & very rich. You like art, culture & beauty and any artistic things.
You have a dual personality. Always think something & are confused about what to do & what not to do. Successful but has an unsatisfied nature & very hard for others to read your mind. You always like changes, the life not the stereotype - routine. You like travel & outing with selective people. Very selective & fussy nature. Your mind is always charged & powerful. Creative person, Jack of all masters of none. You will complete it. Your life is not regular, sometimes very slow. You like to rest only. You like fun with your dearest people & subconsciously. You are avoiding anger & emotion. Cut down your extra expenditure. You are a generous person, but don't hurt anybody's sentiments. After July 2000 for the next two & half year some kind of change possible in your life with in job, business & residence.
Your Rashi lord is Buddha (Mercury). By bond you are a business minded & calculative. You are always looking for love & security. You need stimulation & novelty in the life. You don't like stereotype life. You love laugh, travel & spend money. Nobody can stop you when you want to enjoy the life. You are always eager for new experiences. Since you know little about many things. So you can make a great impression to the others. You also appreciate honesty & sincerity in a person. You don't always stick to one topic of interesting things will attract you. In love you tend to be quite possessive & jealous. So you are very social & energetic person tend to have a sharp mind & very quick in there application (whether it is write or wrong). You want exciting & devoted partner.