You like a lion, king of the jungle. You want power, so you can rule the situation. You are courageous, Confident, moody & at the same time lazy also. You learnt through experience rather than book & academic knowledge. You seem to be very a dominating angry & cruel man, but you are not exactly like that. You are a very simple from the heart, a kind person who likes to the help needy & helpless people. You hate liars. You are very intelligent, creative, but deceptive person.
Anybody can exploit your sentiments but not you, when you come from the truth, that somebody took you for granted or insulted you by any chance. You will not forgive them in your lifetime. You will wait for your turn. If somebody says sorry to you than you will forgive him or her. You will not waste your energy & power for ordinary people, because your ambition is very high. You like self-respect, name & fame.
You are very sentimental & emotional person, and you might have had experiences with your dearest & nearest people. You are struggle in your life especially in young age, because nobody can help you, guide you for the higher study & career. You cannot achieve your target easily. Your life style & philosophy is different from the others. You have many friends, but hardly any one can help you not your life partner, business partner or your lover. There are many ups & downs. Try to check your emotion & anger & enjoy your life.
You are very happy when somebody praising you & giving you compliments, & gifts. Keeping mind flattery will take you anywhere. You are not money minded person. Money is not your need. You always look for a true love & emotion. If somebody is doing something for you (without interest), so you highly oblige & like to written something to him or her. You are not a selfish, greedy & opportunist person. You are a creative, honest, laborious & sensible person. You love the pleasure of life that tends to be spending thrifts. Love to share your opinion & like to discuss in intellectual interest. You want to command & take the charge so you can play the leading role in your subject. You want the relationship exciting & intense with devotion. You will remain very faithful in relationship & family life. You are like king of jungle so you are quite dominating, angry person who want freedom in life. You are a highly ambitious person.