You are intelligent, peaceful, laborious, polite, truthful, independent, ambitious & a balance person. You like the truth & peace. You are also practical in your life. You want to improvise your self. You like fun, traveling & wants to enjoy your-self. You are a creative person. You like art, culture & beauty & music. You know the art of living. You can judge the person very well. You have a logical mind so you can discuss anything with anybody. You may be not a master of all subjects, but you can discuss them very well.
You will have a great future & luxurious life. You are a lucky man. You will get every pleasure of life, one by one. You will prosper more far from your birthplace. Try to use your talent, speech & labour. Don't be too emotional. Must help others but don't give your heart & emotion. Try to do one thing at the time & don't change your line of job or business now & there. You will be successful.
You don't like a stereotype life. You need a change every time, which is not good. Be optimistic & confident about your self. Everything will be all right. Be aware of selfish friends & avoid drinks too much. You are religious & God fearing person. You respect divinity.
Your Rashi lord is Shukra (Venus). You want to enjoy your life & great success with fun, pleasure & all kind of comforts. Beautiful things art, music & glamour field you attract you very much. You have much quality, which any one can hardly understand. You must improve few things & be aware about your drawbacks. Trust your self rather than others. You must know your abilities & your intuition. Sometimes your expectations are too high & don't change your ideas & thoughts. Do not take the responsibility so many at one time. Be diplomat & try to avoid arguments. Control your emotionally, sometimes you are indecisive, selfish & changeable. You want balance in the life & don't go in deep that what is wrong & what is right. Don't worry, keep it up every thing will be all right.