The lord of your rashi is Jupiter (Guru). You look very smart, sober, sweet, helpful, thoughtful, religious, talkative & intelligent. You like a peaceful life. You are very quite, intelligent, lovable person. You' re attractive personality & like simplicity. Impress many people. You may not take domestic & small responsibility. But always care about your dearest & nearest family peoples & friends. If somebody around you is in trouble financially, you are definitely going to help. You are emotionally attached with your family.
You like to be nice with everybody, but once it you come to know they are exploiting you or somebody taking you for ride. You will not for give them. You hate lies & liars & definitely you will teach the lesson to the selfish people. You don't like to disturb or harm anybody & also you will not allow anybody to interfere with you. You don't want trouble, but if it happened, you will go deep in the water same as fish. You are very practical, broad minded, terrific command in the personality, because you have self-confidence, courage & highly ambition. You always learn through past experience. You are a down to earth person. You know this fact that you had to struggle in life & you never forget your childhood. You will not have any kind of complex, because you like simple living. Your heart is clean & you always hungry to learn new thought.
Many people will inspire you. You love your religion & culture. A god fears person. You are a very simple, but not foolish. You like art, culture and beauty. You are very luxurious, hungry for name, fame & money. You like & enjoy good company fun & travel. You are very moody at times. You rise more after marriage. Very straightforward & independent mind person. Nobody can compel you. You have your own principles. You will help those people who are helpful to you. A daydreamer who is always likes to do something creative.
The lord of your Rashi is Jupiter. Usually, you seem to be very gentle, soft spoken, sensitive, emotional person. Anybody can fascinate with you. You have some mysterious qualities. You want to keep the emotional relationship, along with the felling of security. You will reaccept other especially elder & you want there blessing & moral support. You belive in the traditional family system. You have many qualities & talent. Try to be practical in life & don't be very sympathetic & emotional, otherwise someone will take advantage of you (especially) financially. Otherwise you have self-confidence, frank & always trying to secure your self.