You are a self-confident, ambitious person. You are very courageous, self-conscious & creative personality. You are also helpful, moody, truthful, understanding, trustworthy, broad-minded. You belive in principles. You are really a lucky person. You are a laborious, intelligent & honest with the profession who belive in labour & honesty. Who likes fun & travel also luxurious things, but not only for fun? You also know how to work hard & make the money. Clear & open minded nature that will give you more prosperity in life.
Your concept is very clear. You are not a confused man. You are very confident, knowledgeable extrovert, who has original ideas & thoughts. You like the life on your own terms & conditions. You will have a good academic carrier, more interesting in science or technical field.
Found of reading, traveling art & culture. You are a very attractive person. You have the art to convince the others & also to confuse any one. Very emotional & Rigid. You like the truth. You don't like to disturb anybody & also allow anybody to disturb you. You know what you want exactly. When you plan anything you will have definite goal. You will never give up. Be brave & optimistic & positive in the life.
You must try to use your talent & skill along with your sweet language & don't forget the small things. Be aware, otherwise anybody can exploit you & take you for a ride. Don't worry future is bright, keep it up. Sometimes your secret enemy will try to harm you. Be aware about your family life, especially in the future before 2001 December & also don't take risk in the business & jobs, especially between June 2000 to July 2001.
Your Rashi lord is Guru (Jupiter), these kind of people always trying hard in there work (profession), because you want to achieve the success. You have a great energy, which you know how to use. You have an art of living & balance in the life & best thing is you can concentrate (if you want to ) one pointed awareness is there. You know your target that what you want, very clever, intelligent & sharp. You have a good personality, intelligency & ambition. You have an art of living. You can also understand the situation & also read the mind of anyone.
Nobody can convince you easily. You are emotional, aggressive, but the same time you want peace & love. Nobody can convince you easily. You are emotional, aggressive, but the same time you want peace & love. Nobody can dominate you; you don't like coral, but somebody pushing your heart, you will not forgive anybody. You like art, music & beautiful things. You are very ambitious who wants fun & enjoy the life. You believe in showman ship.