You are open minded, very confident & secretive person. You hardly disclose their big cards. Socially you may be very famous. Your grasping capacity & intelligence is very good. You don't like to be extrovert & you will avoid showmanship. You are a very simple living person. You will have a good physique. But don't know what to wear (cloth). You know many subjects. You are also a creative person. You can speak well, because you know what you discuss & you also know the value of thoughts.
You can express your thoughts, words & writing as well to the public also. At the time you are aggressive, pushing, dashing person. You believe in results. You are very firm about the decision because you know only yes or no. You have many things to give in the society in this creative world. You like to be recognized & remembered by the people.
In fact you want publicity, name & fame. No doubt, you are a genius but don't take any risky decisions check your emotion & anger. Don't be two strict with your family member & people around you. Most of the time you are too busy with your profession & subconsciously, you are too busy with your profession & subconsciously, you are avoiding your own people. Think about that they need you.
Your Rashi lord is Mangle (Mars). You are very smart, active, intelligent & independent person. You have many qualities but the same time you have some weaknesses also. You are dominating person who first plan your project very carefully & work hard. You hardly trust anybody, very diplomat, susceptive nature that you will not to show anybody. Even you are jealous, tense & angry with anybody, you can control your aggressiveness. Mars will give you good fortune, intuition, promotion & love to enjoy the nature art & beautiful things. You have many qualities which few people will understand & that is very frank, courage, intelligent, calculative, genius who is highly ambitious, never be satisfied, always try to improvise him self & wants to achieve be target.