You are introvert & a cool person, Very Self Centered, very moody at times. You always dream about the big things, as you are doing your job, you may not be satisfied because you are a working very hard & you have been exploited by company peoples some time. So you will feed up with stereotype of work. You want to do something big creative things. So you planed about big business. Your thoughts & principles are different. You are a creative person. You need support & appreciation. You like to live your own way.
You like the luxurious life showmanship & all comfort or life. You like to travel & lead a glamorous life. You are a very easy person. You don't like to fight with anybody. Very mixing person. You have self-confidence & are emotional; & you don't like clumsy & dirty things & also the crude & cruel persons. You have an art to convince people of your word.
You know the art of living Fond of best food, art & music. You can save the money, because you are calculative also. You will have everything but you have to straggle hard from age 25 to 32. Then you can achieve your target outside the birthplace. If you have a difference with anybody than you will break relations. You are a very confident & firm person. You like peaceful life.
You are a patient person; you can wait for your chance so you can prove your self. Most likely somebody has to be initiator to understand you. If somebody is on a date with you let him or her know that you enjoy their company. You want good atmosphere & good testy food in restaurant, with good background music. Just perfect things, you have strong will power & great sense of humor. You cannot boast your self (that you are great), when the times comes you will prove your self (your intelligency). In your life most of the time you have to take the challenge & working hard, not lucky, enough know appreciation, no recognition. Sudden changes in your life style & job always happened. Hardly anybody can understand you, if someone looking for a dependable, sensible creative person you is only one.