You are truthful, sentimental, sober, intelligent, calculative & systematic person. You are also creative & authentic. You belive in peace, love & always like to help. You are very helpful to the people. You can express your thoughts very frankly & speak the truth, but very politely. You don't like arguments. If you have a difference with anybody you like to solve it peacefully. You have a good business attitude, so sometimes you think too much even for small things you are worried. Sometimes may not decide what to do. You need confidence, courage & try to avoid thinking too much very fast.
Plan better about the future & try to be extroverted & communicate with people. You have a good memory intelligently & you are laborious also. Better try to use your power & energy towards constrictive things. Develop your talent. You have a good personality. You have also clever & talkative. You like fun & travel. You don't like loud music & big crowed. Don't be suspicious with the people around you. Try to check your emotion & anger avoid arguments & try to mix up with people. You have a great future.
Your Rashi lord is Buddha (mercury), even you are doing job but you are business minded person, highly critical, expressive & analytical, sincere, responsible, calculative & careful person. You hardly take a chance very careful, always go for the safe side. You have to be aware about few things. Do not complaint about your work, try to solve it. Do not panic in crisis. Must learn to relax your self. Don't give stressed to your self. Look of the brighter side of the life & have more fun. Be optimistic & take out insecure feelings. Try to be happy in your family life & environment. Once if you break up any relation with your friend or relative, you will not for give them. No doubt you are intelligent, reliable, practical but you will hardly get the real & good friend. Don't blame anybody. You must improve your self, then you can enjoy & be happy in the life.