You peoples are fighters in all they attempt in life. You usually have difficult times in their early years, but generally they are in the end, successful by their gri, strong will, and determination. In character, you are hasty in temper, impulsive, independent, and desire to be their own masters.
You have great courage and make excellent soldiers or leaders in any cause they espouse. Their greatest dangers arise from foolhardiness and impulsiveness in word and action. You are also peculiarly prone to accidents from fire and explosions and rarely get through life without injury from such causes. As a general rule they go under many operations or with the family you marry into.
You strongly resent criticism, and even when not conceited, you have always a good opinion of themselves, brooking no interference with their plans. You like to be "looked up to" and recognised as "the head of the house." You are resourceful and excellent in organisation, but you must have the fullest control; if not, you lose heart and stand aside and let things go to pieces. For affection and sympathy you will do almost anything, and the men of this number can be made the greatest fools of, if some clever woman gets pulling at their heartstrings.
You have a strong views & thoughts which you declares with great force. You are a very busy person. Sometimes you extremely active. Your positive points are :- Enthusiasm, Energy, Active, Ambitious, Courage, Intitative. Try to develop your talent in life then you can be a very successful person.(Must be in constrictive way)
Your negative points are :- sometimes you are jealous , impatient, impulsive, Destructive person. Try to control your selves and be positive in your life.
Everything will be alright.

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