Your number represent Sun, which means you are creative, powerful & ambitious. The number is the most highly individualized independent & dynamic quality. You have high power of concentration. You will rise in your profession or occupation. You want freedom & have a independent nature. You are also very restless & sharp minded. You are not orthodox or free minded, remain on your decisions very strongly, stubborn also. But at present you have to struggle a little. The things you think is not completed. If you keep a control your stubbornness & anger it will be much better for future. Before you take your rights first take little responsibilities. At home there will be little problems in elders. You must help them.
Your out-spoken you like things to be right up to time. You are very firm & never plead to your sentiments. You haven't got any, or if you do reserve a place for such things, you may be sure wouldn't like you know show of them. You have a courage & daring & also self-confidence.
You have power, energy, aggression, resolution, invention, ambition, honesty, integrity, reliance, assertion. You are also courageous & also self-confidence & have possessive instinct. You are determined and frequently dictatorial, Positive & masculine. Your confident aggressive & attached to your work. You like the truth & are honest with your people.

You must improve (Negative)

You are vane, selfishness, opportunist, possessive, arrogant, extravagant, display fixedness, separateness, domination. To sum up, this number is associated with ambition of a practical type - It shows initiative, originality & ability of mean order. In all you can say that: It is the number which gets things done!

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