The symbol of pisces - two fishes swimming in opposite directions - suggests the main tension in the Piscean character: a natural perversity. Kindness joins with keen intuition to make Pisceans the best sort of friends. They are friendly, charitable & self-sacrificing, but their willingness to help others has a drawback in that they too often make it an excuse for failing to exploit their own high potential; they are so busy using their energy on behalf of their family & friends that they have little left for their own affairs.
Just like Aries is the first sign of the zodiac & represents beginnings, Pisces is the twelfth & last sign, & represents eternity, reincarnation & spiritual rebirth. Pisceans are said to have deep intuitions into the human psyche. They have a sensitively to their surroundings unmatched in the zodiac & are therefore highly spiritual beings. Since they are ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion & mystery, their personality is elusive & even harder to define.
They are symbolized by the two fish, one swimming upstream & the other downstream. This is a good representation of the they personality - one of duality & indecision. Indeed many they have trouble defining themselves against their environments. Instead they use their powers of perception to blend into their surroundings like chameleons. They are quick to avoid a fight & are usually taken advantage of for this reason.
Their charm, humor & sympathy open the doors for Pisceans. They are gentle & kind, but often tend to suffer from extreme mood swings that typify their dual nature. This moodiness can be irritating to others who can't relate to their sensitivity. Inner conflicts, negativity, carelessness, jealousy & emotional confusion are all traits that afflict those born under this sign.

However, they harbor an inner confidence that allows them to persevere. They enjoy retreating to a dream world where they can make the rules. Often the result is uninhibited creativity & intense imagination. Indeed, many of the world's finest poets, writers, artists & dancers have been Pisceans. If they can temper their fatalistic moods. Pisceans can be great assets as friends. They are blind to outward appearances & can often lead their partners to new levels of perception.
Imaginative & sensitive Compassionate & kind selfless & unworldly intuitive & sympathetic. Escapist & idealistic secretive & vague weak-willed & easily led.

Nebulously, impressionably, deceitfully

It is often very difficult for they to learn to face reality; stronger, caring people should encourage them to do so at every opportunity. The belief that "Whatever will be, will be" can become a veritable trap for them, in the worst cases resulting in complete inaction. Taking the line of least resistance, & deceiving themselves because they don't want to face up to harsh reality, are major faults.
The colorful they imagination, creatively & positively expressed, is an enormous asset, but they must learn not to allow their imaginations to work negatively, magnifying small problems into major ones. The negative they characteristics will then take over. If they channel their imaginations creatively, finding a specific outlet for them (perhaps in some form of art or craft), they can achieve results which will surprise themselves. Traditionally, they are known as the poet of the zodiac, but take this in the broadest sense. It applies to the creative use of the imagination in any area of life.
The refusal to face reality can emerge in an inability to see things as they really are. This kind of self -deception can be a really dangerous fault, persuading they to lie because (they tell themselves) the truth will hurt those they love. On the contrary, of course, they are usually only making matters worse. Sun sign they should strive to develop minds of their own, thus avoiding evasion & indecision whenever major decisions must be made. The position of Mercury (which rules the mind) in the complete birth chart must be carefully studied.

It is vital that the parents of a Piscean child train him or her to be honest & straightforward. This may not be easy, but the tendency to embroider the truth with plenty of imaginative color can mean the less desirable they traits do serious damage. Any interest which fires the imagination positively should be encouraged & praised from an early age. This may also be difficult. They always know someone who can do things better than them. It is no use denying this; but point out that some children will do things less well. Their confidence must be bolstered at all times & their powers of concentration must also be sharpened if dreaminess is not to hinder progress. Any scientific flair should certainly be encouraged; science is potentially a good field for them to work in, provided other areas of the chart show the necessary meticulous concern for detail can be added to their own imagination & inspiration.
Piscean parents are eager to encourage their children but they can be too easygoing with them; parental vagueness can be even more infuriating to a child than over strictness. They put their children first, wanting them to develop their potential to the fullest.

Ideally, a they career should bring out the talent for caring which is one of the sign's strongest attributes, so they are admirably suited to work in the caring professions. They are not very good at organization & usually work selflessly in the background, yet they are often excellent & successful actors. This is because, on stage, they can conceal their own personalities behind those of their characters.
Being so aware of the suffering of others they can make exceptional counselors & a true sense of vocation often takes them into religious orders. But glamour attracts too - they love designing & making beautiful clothes. This is one of the dual signs of the zodiac, so they often have two jobs at the same time - with a spare-time occupation which (if they have help with the organization) can be successful & remunerative. Variety & flexibility are needed; strict routines & time-keeping are tricky for them.
Sun sign they are not strongly ambitious but can , of course, be financially successful. However, they should seek professional advice in money matters, for as well as not being especially good at organizing their own finances, they are soft touches, & can really afford (or than is fair to their families).

Change & retirement
Faced by change, they can all too easily work themselves up into a confused & apprehensive state. Not only will their imaginations work overtime, but their lack of real organizational talent can prevent them seeing clearly what must be done to cope with the new situation, whether emotionally or physically. They who enter retirement with a special interest will find the extra time available a sheer delight, but if there is no such interest, a desert of unoccupied time can disorientate them, & enforced retirement can age them all too rapidly. They should find a hobby with which to fill their hours; work in the community or local charity work are obvious antidotes.
Health & exercise

They easily pick up vibrations in the atmosphere around them so can be physically affected by such things as an unkind word, world disasters, rows or even depressing weather. This sensitivity can very easily disturb the Piscean constitution, upsetting their stomachs or causing headaches. Being aware of this may not stop the problem, but at least it will set their minds at rest whenever they are laid low by what are really emotionally based aliments.
This sensitivity to atmosphere also means they can comfort themselves by eating or drinking too much, & they are particularly susceptible to nicotine. It is another aspect of the they tendency to find the easy way out of a situation or even an emotion. This can even apply to simple medical remedies: they will reach for the aspirin bottle at the least provocation but should be very careful, for they often react badly even to medically prescribed drugs. (Many they, however, regard drugs with deep suspicion & are much happier with holistic medicine. Provided they don't rely on it obsessively, it is much safer for them.) sometimes practical help can alleviate the suffering which has provoked their sympathy in the first place, & this is an obvious way of avoiding difficulties. They must be rational, however, & try not to get too anxious over problems for which there is no solution.
The religious they will take refuge & comfort can also often be found in the inspirational aspects of some forms of exercise, such as yoga. Gentle, rhythmical exercise is good for they, helping them both psychologically & physically. Finding comfortable shoes can be a problem (they rules the feet); going without shoe is fine, but care should be taken out-of-doors.)

Pisces as a Ascendant
Psychological motivation: - When they rises, the people concerned can become so much a part of their surroundings that they almost vanish. Others may take them for granted & even deny them proper recognition. But without their help, a considerable gap will appear, for the work they do is usually of real value. They must not recognize their own worth & selves, but recognize their own worth & value to the community. It would be a mistake, however, for someone with they rising to try to see himself as an unfulfilled rambo & decide to be a world leader (even in a local context). They should be very careful before accepting any leadership role, for they are really at their best working very valuably in the background.
It is valid to ask whether Sun they really want to know themselves, but when the sign is rising such doubts are even stronger. It often seems that they invent a persona & devote all their considerable imaginative powers to fitting themselves into it, rather than really trying to discover what really trying to discover what truly makes them tick. They must also beware of being too critical of their partners, as this can sometimes, unfortunately, be destructive. The tendency to hypochondria is considerably increased.