Challenge is important in a fulfilling sagittarian life. When an achievement is accomplished, sagittarius soon begins work on the next one. The compulsion to set new targets & meet them is so strong that it can become all-engrossing, with present activities being skimped because the eye is always the eye is always on future plans. Sagittarius enthusiasm, optimism & zest for life are second to none but must be controlled. The worst fault, restlessness, can be a server problem, for sagittarius don't always see projects through to the end. restlessness, can be a server problem, for they don't always see projects through to the end. restlessness, can be a server problem, for they don't always see projects through to the end.
Sagittarius is a fire sign, straight-forward & free. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, sagittarians always seem to be in the right time. Like the arrow that always finds its target, they always find themselves in the best of fortunes. They are naturally enthusiastic, restless & too optimistic to let anything rain on their parade. They have a longing for the new & exciting & have an inner desire to always roam free & unrestrained. They price freedom & liberty above anything else & they are often energetic & outgoing. Their inquisitive nature leads them on never-ending adventures that invoke travel, discovery or unconventional diversions. This comes at a cost, however, as many they drift towards relationships that are never allowed to develop deep roots. This is not to say that they cannot be excellent friends, though "No strings attached" is usually the rule.
They are very idealistic & straight-forward. They will let you know what is on their mind whether you like it or not. They posses an uncanny sense of intuition though they bore easily. Once they have figured something out. They honesty & candor are admired traits, But many Sagittarians easily assume that everyone else shares in their integrity. Though they live for tomorrow, they can be the best of companions. Despite their occasional irresponsibility, it is often hard to resist the charms of a Sagittarian.
Optimistic & freedom-loving, Jovial & good-humored, Honest & straightforward, Intellectual & philosophical. Blindly optimistic & careless, Irresponsible & superficial, Tactless & restless.

Philosophically, freely, exploratively, offhandedly.

Natural excitement & enthusiasm can feed the innate they tendency to take risks, which can become real foolhardiness, especially when young. Developing their inherent intellectual powers will enable these peoples to avoid unnecessary risks. They should also cultivate a more philosophical outlook. If their natural exuberance isn't controlled it will become boisterous. Their enjoyment of life & sense of humor are charming but can sometimes get out of hand-they should remember that practical jokes are rarely funny for their victims.
One of the dual signs of the zodiac, they gives versatility which may contribute to the Sagittarian tendency to move too quickly from come from steadily working through one project towards the next, which after all they can confers great breadth as possible. This sign confers great breadth of vision & the ability to assimilate quickly what may be a complex situation. However, these people are not usually good at coping with detail, which bores them. In ignoring the minute, they can run into difficulties, so should always read the small print.


No true Sagittarian can cope with claustrophobic conditions (they must have a room with a view, for instance), particularly within personal relationships. A possessive, suspicious or jealous partner will not long: their independent spirits won't tolerate any restrictions on personal freedom.
Sex is greeted with customary sagittarian enthusiasm & exuberance; when they are very young, a possible partner's sexual attractions can be irresistible. With experience they will look for other qualities: Someone whose intelligence at least matches their own & with whom they can be friends as well as lovers.


Enthusiasm is a wonderful element in any child, but in young sagittarians it can be so generous that it needs to be channeled & not frittered away. Similarly, boisterousness may need to be clamed. The parents should discover as early as possible in the child's life where his or her true interests lie. There is tremendous potential here, but it must be properly led (without the child's knowledge). Achievement will feed enthusiasm, where in class, on the sports field or during out-of-school hours. Sagittarian children find it difficult to obey school rules but aren't blind to reason & sensible restrictions will be accepted. Their reading & language skills should be encouraged from an early age.
As parents, they are admirable : they respond in a lively way to their children, encourage their interests & help them build up good libraries. However, it is vital that a sagittarian mother doesn't sacrifice her own interests entirely to those of her family but tries to set time aside for herself. No matter how much she loves her children, their limited conversation is not always sufficiently engrossing restlessness is certain if she has no means of escape. Ideally, new projects should be started as soon after the birth of a child as possible.


Once again, challenge is essential & boring, repetitive work must be avoided if at all possible. Environment is also important: small, stuffy offices or crowed workshops are equally intolerable. Acquiring money is not in itself very important; Sagittarians usually manage to find it when necessary. Hard earned cash is more likely to be spent on study, books & travel than on impressive material possessions. A spirit of adventure (not always physical) is important; work which takes these people out of their own environment is good for them. Taking short cuts to success can lead them into serious errors, usually because they haven't attended to enough detail.
While not resting on their laurels, they aren't over winningly ambitious - at least as far as worldly progress or status are concerned. Meeting intellectual demands, or seeing their own decisions bearing fruit, will be much more important; they like to see people profiting from their good work or influence. Publishing, the law & even the church can attract them; teaching at university is perhaps even more satisfying. There is traditional link between this sign & sport, but while some Sun sign they make the grade professionally, this connection should not be overstressed.

Change & retirement

Change or the need for it, well arouse they enthusiasm & these people cope particularly well with conditions that other, more settle, zodiac type may find very descriptive. Their love of change is so strong that they'll provoke it for its own sake, sometimes due to momentary boredom. Partners should encourage them to think carefully when considering change, which may not always be as progressive as they imagine: the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Retirement will offer exiting possibilities & they will be sure to use the extra time available perhaps for physical or intellectual travel.

Health & Exercise

A love of hearty food & drink means that biliousness is highly likely if the diet isn't watched carefully. Although diet isn't watched carefully. Although they need & enjoy exercise they can still to put on weight & most they woman will at sometime notice an accumulation around the hips. The daredevil trait found in most they suggest that the interest in sports may result in slight accidents: pulled muscles, for instance, tight muscles. They must remember this particularly as they grow older, they will want to exercise just as violently at sixty as they did at twenty, but this would be unwise.
Any form of sporting activity is usually welcome, but if there is no interest what so ever in sport (which occasionally happens), they must take sufficient exercise in some other way, for they will almost certainly be intellectuals whose minds need to be relaxed, probably with the help of some moderate physical fatigue. Similarly, those whose work is physically exhausting should try to relax through more intellectual spare-time pursuits.

Sagittarius as ascendant

Psychological motivation:- The need of challenge, so important to a Sun sign they rises. These people have what it takes to exploit their potential to the full & the great expectations with which a positive, optimistic outlook endows them will probably be accomplished.
Stronger aware of the world about them, a consciously developed depth of character - perhaps through a true assessment of their own shortcoming will enable these people to achieve personally harmony which might otherwise denied by their volatile nature. They are objective & eager to know more about themselves & unlike some people will not shy away from the trail to self-knowledge in fact, it will fascinate them. However, they must allow tine for thought; their downfall can lie in thinking they have all the answers, when it fact important details are missing through a lack of thoroughness. At their most highly developed, these people are the philosophers of the zodiac, with a peerless intellectual capacity.
A healthy level of friendship & intellectual report is needed in relationships. There is sexual exuberance, but a partner who only satisfies their sexual needs will very soon bores them. Intellectual challenge is also essential; a claustrophobic lifestyle will have disastrous psychological effect. The individual may go on eating or drinking binges, for instance or develop psychosomatic liver-related illness. When life offers no challenge, the usual optimistic, enthusiastic depression will set in. A change of lifestyle & perhaps of sense is probably best, but escapism must be avoided & physically running away is not a long-term solution. A full assessment of the problem should be made, however tedious this might seem.