The chief characteristic of a Sun sign Scorpio is a remarkable reserve of energy. It is often said that this is the "worst" of the Sun signs. Of course, this isn't true: the sign's energies are so strong they can seem over-powering, even inhibiting; the Scorpio can feel driven by them. But if they are fully & positively expressed, both physically & emotionally, the individual will be a big achiever. However, if the energy flow is inhibited or uncontrolled it can be disastrous, with typical resentfulness, jealousy & broodiness.
Scorpio is a water sign, passionate & intense. Many astrologers consider the sign of Scorpio as the most powerful of all the signs of the zodiac. Pluto, the ancient god of the nether-world, death & regeneration, experts its influence very strongly on those born under this sign.
They are know for their intensity & passion. Their drive in life is improve the status quo through their actions & to change the world for the better, provided that they can temper their own desires. Scorpios are staunch defenders of justice & will fight to the end for causes they believe to be just. They are idealistic & are guided by the highest principles. They never get into anything "half-way".
They live their life in extremes. They can be at the same time powerful & weak, independent & clingy, passionate & cold. Beneath a confident exterior often lie turbulent & temperamental urges. They are prone to being possessive & jealous & their relationships are often stormy. Their unpredictable nature & their intensity of feeling often leads others to    keep their distance, but if a Scorpio is given a chance, they can prove to be loving, generous & fiercely loyal. Despite the negative aspects emphasized by some astrologers, they can prove that strong emotions can be channeled positively. They are passionate about everything that they become involved in, including romance.
Determined & forceful emotional & intuitive powerful & passionate Exciting & magnetic. Jealous & resentful Compulsive & obsessive Secretive & obstinate.

Intensely, passionate, Jealously

Jealously is the worst Scorpio fault & not only in relationships: Scorpios can be jealous of colleagues & of other people's possessions. This can, however, act as a spur: Seeing the progress of others, They may be inspired to do equally well or better.
The Scorpio body area is the genitals & this may partly explain the sign's overly sexy reputation. Sun sign they need just as much sexual fulfillment as everyone else & may suffer more if they don't achieve it, but that certainly doesn't mean every Scorpio is a putative sex-maniac! A great many of them express their sex drives through sport; the women may even devote themselves to becoming perfect housewives. The important thing is that the drive is properly directed & fully extended & not allowed to stagnate & waste.
Most they are capable of deep, incisive & analytical thought; they have a powerful urge to get to the root of any problem. They also want to get the most out of life, cramming every day with work & demanding spare-time interest. They may force themselves to extremes of action & so should try to release their energy as evenly as possible.
Between 1984 & 1995, pluto the ruling planet of Scorpio, is travelling through its own sign. This underlines all the most all the most typical characteristic of Scorpio, which will be specially strong in those born during this period.

A Scorpio, who is all energy, needs a conductor. If the energy is not able to strike home & be received & used in some way there will be problems, so it is important in a personal relationship that the partner is into cold or undemonstrative. They, overwhelmed by the attractions of a possible partner, can put all their energy into the chase & persist even when it is obvious that the object of their Characteristics.

When something is wrong with a Scorpio child he or she will become extremely quite & probably reject even favorite food. The sooner young Scorpio can be encouraged to talk over any problems, the better, the tendency to bottle things up can lead to serious difficulties in later life, when he or she may suffer unnecessarily. All children need compelling interest, but young they do so more than most; they should be encouraged to take up a hobby, preferably one that deeply interest them & will burn up emotional as well as physical energy. This teaches them how to use that energy evenly. They will probably enjoy heavy team games, water sports or for the more creative types, skating & dancing.
Fulfilled Scorpio parents demand much of their children - sometimes too much. They will be especially eager to encourage their own right. Deeply interested in their children & their development, they may go too far in their desire to know everything about them & should remember that children need privacy, too. The intense relationship they desire should include fun & humor. Naturally rather strict, they parents must realize that some children react better to less stringent discipline. Their children & incapable of sensible discussion & argument.
Less than successful Scorpios whose children are doing really well must be exceptionally careful that jealousy, perhaps their chief fault, doesn't spoil the relationship. They should remember that the children's success is their success, too; they brought them up!


Above all else & more than most signs, they really need to be emotionally involved in their careers. Like those of their polar sign, Taurus, they need emotional & financial security & are willing to work hard to achieve & maintain it & to improve their standard of living. Their energy can sometimes seem entirely devoted to making money & these Scorpio businessmen or women will have found the way in which to direct their keen sense of purpose. Others may have to strive a little harder to discover ways of using their abundant energy & achieving their potential.
When out of work, they lack a daily outlet for their energy & must seek somehow to expend it - even, perhaps, in part-time, unpaid work. Otherwise, it is all too easy for the forces to be negatively used, perhaps even in crime. They need to be under pressure-they must have something against which to test their muscles, mental trade; they are natural researchers & detectives.

Change & retirement

They will probably resist change; their natural stubbornness will rise to the surface. However, there will be times when they feel that change is absolutely vital & then nothing will stop them seeking it. Sweeping, drastic changes may result, after which they will settle happily into a new lifestyle, ready to accept new responsibilities. Care is needed, of course, that such changes are made for the right reasons & that valuable experience & hard work are not thrown away.
Sitting about doing nothing not only isn't the average Scorpio's idea of pleasure, but also may even be bad for them. These people will welcome retirement as a chance to do all the things for which there isn't yet been time, although they may still lack time to do everything they've got planned. But at all events (however unlikely it is) scorpios shouldn't look forward to days of sitting in the sun. They need a compelling interest instead.

Health & exercise

Just as Scorpio energy must be evenly spent & controlled, so the physical system needs a regular, controlled diet. That may not be easy; there is a tendency towards self-indulgence in food & drink which often provokes stomach upsets or constipation. Moderation doesn't come easily to Scorpios but they must cultivate it, both in diet & exercise, for what starts out as a keen interest in sport & exercise can get out of hand, causing strain. They must not hesitate to slow down when necessary. The material arts will interest them, not only for the physical aspect, but also for their spiritual & esoteric qualities. Swimming is very beneficial.

Scorpio as Ascendant (Lagna)

Psychological motivation:- They powerful personality traits will color the whole chart when this sign rises & other elements will in most cases be subservient. The characteristics attributed to the sun sign are likely to be deeper & more meaning-fully expressed when Scorpio rises. There will be a stronger sense of purpose & need to question every action & the tendency to be secretive can become an obsession.
When Scorpio rises & Leo in on the Midheaven, Scorpio's drive & emotional resources are enriched by Leo's organizational &leadership powers. The combination is formidable, but can result in a real need for power & a tendency to dominate others for good or ill. A source of remarkable potential, it can also make the individual highly autocratic & sometimes even power-mad.
People with Scorpio rising generally feel a strong need to know themselves. They don't care to reveal themselves to others but their ability for self analysis is considerable & they are usually capable of seeing their own problems clearly & honestly. This introspective tendency may result in the feeling that they do not like themselves very much; they should not discount their positive qualities, nor forget that they have ability really to enjoy life.
In partnership, those with Scorpio rising will show their affection in a charming & tender way that will be very private & not always discernable to outsiders. Emotional security will be as important as financial security, but jealousy is possible & may be exacerbated by possessiveness. If this is allowed to take hold, a claustrophobic atmosphere may develop which some partners will find extremely trying. An inability to discuss problems, with consequent worry about them, may provoke physical symptoms-notably a lessening of the sexual drive.


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