You are intelligent, creative, kind-hearted, but restless in mind. You have knowledge of Art-music, literature. Independent, original and like your own friends. After a struggle only you will be successful. You like cleanliness. You keep your promises and time. You listen to everybody but you want to do what you think. You have your own rules. You have special liking different from others. You are very up to date and respect time. You want to like life of on own way. You are very stubborn, angry and emotional. You are friendly with friends and enemy of your enemies. If you have fight with someone than you will not forgive him and go far away for him but will not compromise. In studies your subjects will be very different and you live in dreams.
One of the most endearing characteristics is the dour sense of humor already mentioned : - even at their most serious & formal, this can suddenly crepe up, patience is one of their virtues, as is insight, but the less self-confident, aspiring they are usually very disciplined, but to find lovable, tender traits in a Sun sign Capricorn. Fortunately this is only side of the character; other element is the full birth chart will without doubt add warmth to this appartmently rather chilly personality.     You about starting married life in a great & may postpone emotional commitments until they are quite late in life. You may then choose someone who is a parent figure or at least commands administration & respect.
You listen to everybody but you will do what ever you like to do. You like neatness & cleanliness. Everything you want right in time (as to your choice) & write in proper place. Sometimes your are restless & criticize others very moody & fussy. Very sensitive, introword & self respecting person. Sometime very secretive also. You want success in likes to do many creative things but in your own terms & conditions. Nobody can detect you but they exploit your sentiments because you are kind hearted god fearing man. Try to change your emotion & anger. You have to struggle in young age. Try to develop your art & creative skill. You will be a very successful person.

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