(6 - 15 - 24)

You are little luxurious, like spending money attractive, lucky, happier and have a rich taste. You like food, going out in short you like a luxurious life. Art-music and nice clothes and also you can impress others with your pleasant personality. You like to meet people of your class. Memory is sharp. If you make use of your art and voice than you can make a name for yourself. There will be many friends. You are very anxious to go on top. Very luxurious house, costly car & luxury in food, because of that you spend a lot money & get distracted from studies & work. In friendship there is more loss than profit. Beauty is your weakness that sometimes distracts.
This is far from true, however, as you can be very sympathetic & understanding. Just when you least expect it, you can show you an excellent sense of humor which is wry, write & very funny. Practical & prudent ambitious &disciplined parents & careful humors & reserved, Pessimistic & fatalistic Miserly & grading over conventional & rigid.
Both type of you are congenital & sometimes even slaves to convention; they want always to be seen to do "the right thing". Both have a splendidly offbeat humor, vividly contrasting with a strong tendency of grumble. Both are prudent & methodical sometimes sense of prudent & methodical. Sometimes the successful Capricorn achievers suffer a lack of confidence, while the less confident, & successful may snap out influence of Mercury may be seen under such circumstances: (when that planet is in Sagittarius, for instance). Extra responsibility & pocket money. Their self-confidence, sense of fun & especially their sheer enjoyment of life need constant bolstering if they aren't they grow too serious & old before their time. It shouldn't be depressing if the child hovers near the not likely. The sense of ambition should always be cultivated & encouraged.
Your parents are eager for their children's success, but should always remember to show their love, affection & appreciate openly-not just with impressive present, but also by giving the children their time. Ambitious they can be so involved in their careers & in making money (albeit for the benefit of the family) that they have no time to enjoy their home lives & in extreme cases - especially. If the children went at boarding school - you will suddenly find them selves sharing a home with adults they don't know very well. The importance of moral especially during the teenage years, when children naturally rebel against parental control. An unbridgeable generation gap must not be allowed to develop.

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