Reliability is the essential characteristic of a Taurean - but if he or she is to function satisfactorily, it must be against a stable & secure background, for emotional & material security is of prime importance. These people have a great deal of common sense but can lack flexibility & must realize that even well thought-out decisions should sometimes be changed. Taureans often surround themselves with possessions as an outward sign of their achievements & to convince them of their progress & position in society. Patient & reliable, warm-hearted & loving, Persistent & determined, Placid & security-loving. Jealous & possessive, Resentful & inflexible, self-indulgent & greedy.
Taurus is an Earth sign, reliable & materialistic. Taurus is the sign of determination, stubbornness & steadiness. Taurean's greatest lies in their tenacity & relentless drive to accomplish their goals. They are practical at heart & constantly strive to master their earthly & material surroundings.
A key element in the Taurean personality is the need for security, both emotional & material. They are most comfortable dealing with the familiar & have great bouts of anxiety & uneasiness about change. Rather than resist it though, They take a wait-&-see approach before developing a level of comfort with new situations. They must be sure that a new person, situation or relationship will be beneficial to them before embracing them. Once convinced, though, They will develop a life-long loyalty & commitment that is unmatched by that of other signs. This makes them intensely jealous & stories about the temper of a crossed Taurus.
They are also very fond of material & earthly pleasures. They are happiest at home, surrounded by the security & comforts of their possessions. Their sensuous nature leads them to live the good life. They often seek the finest clothing, art & foods & have a fine appreciation for beauty & aesthetics.
Beneath the stubborn exterior lies a gentler, softer side. Taureans tend to be very sentimental & passionate & believe in pampering their partners. Deep inside, unseen to others, they are hopeless romantics.

:Possessively, permanently.

Possessiveness, shown in many areas of life, is indeed the worst Taurean fault. Sadly, the partner can often become just another well-guarded possession-loved & admired, certainly, but stubbornly regarded as the property of an owner, rather than as a free agent.
The Taurean mind works methodically, carefully & decisively. Perhaps the most marked potential is for the steady building of a life & career. Short cuts are not for these people & should be avoided. One of their most endearing characteristics is natural charm, expressed in a variety of ways. For instance, They usually soft, gentle voices & always seem able to find the time to listen to & encourage anyone who needs help. Their shoulders are always available to those who wish to cry on them, but they are also very good at offering practical advice.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, so a successful partnership is of above-average importance; like their Libran cousins, they need peace & harmony in their relationships. Emotional security is vital & any threat to it may cause serious damage, making the Taurean emotions get out for hand & be present on some level of the personality, may turn into obsessive jealousy. When there is tension in the home, normal placidity may be shaken by sudden flares of temper.
Under normal, stable circumstances, however, they are extremely loving are kind eager to express their affection generously & abundantly. Their generosity is emotional & financial, for as well as being highly sexed they make excellent, caring & considerate lovers. There will be no lack sensual pleasure nor, usually, any lack of physical comfort, to which they are devoted - to such an extent, perhaps, that they may even grow complacent & if partners accuse them of being boring, it may be because they have become slaves to a chosen routine.


A contented child, smiling from its crib & always greeting mealtimes with enthusiasm, is quite likely to be a Sun sign Taurean. There may be some delay when these children learn to walk --indeed, they will even be lazy about crawling let alone walking. Even so caring for Taurean baby needs to live within a firm structure, knowing that things will happen at a particular time. They are at heart conventional & need rules; parents who themselves might be happier in a remember this.
Taureans want to set up a comfortable & secure home before they have a family. But their plans will probably involve children, for a strong family life & tradition is important to them: in this sense they are natural conservatives. When children do arrive, their parents will want them to be happy & comfortable, but ironically this can lead to difficulties, for they may work so hard to this end that they themselves time to get to know & enjoy their family. If this happens, the trouble will get worse when the children reach adolescence & a damaging generation gap may result.


They are ambitious & quite enjoy setting up a sound plan & following it through to success. However there can be problems if this involves any kind of risk, because they function best when steady work is available, with the resulting regular income (however great) is unpredictable. The material security offered by money is very important to them. Thus many will accept work that they don't really enjoy. Or aren't really interested in, just because it seems assured.
This interest in finance is not only emotional: They are highly practical about it & are therefore very good in careers connected with money - including banking, insurance & the stock exchange. Although any risks involved will pain them & they should carefully weigh probable worry against possible eventual benefits, they can succeed in building up very successful business from small beginnings, for they have a natural strong business sense.
Many they are very happy indeed working in agriculture &special satisfaction. They often have musical talent, too & there are a great many professional Taurean musicians-especially singers.

Change & retirement

They are not very good at dealing with change; they need a steady routine & having got into a rut will continue to plough through it. Change seems to threaten their security & can be emotionally disturbing. However, they are excellent planners & if a change is necessary they will at least prepare themselves well for it. They greatly enjoy their leisure hours & their generosity means they will spend lots of money entertaining friends. They may be rather lazy, however & can all too easily waste time.
Retirement will be viewed with considerable pleasure, especially if there is an adequate pension. If they have a great deal of spare time, they should develop an interest which will occupy it - perhaps something they have enjoyed throughout their lives & can now explore more fully. If this is not the case, they should be encouraged to take up new & interesting occupations, otherwise lethargy may age them. Gardening & golf spring to mind; the women of the sign particularly enjoy sewing & embroidery (patience is a Taurean Virtue).

Health & diet

They love their food, so can put on weight very easily. Members of this sign are reputed to be extremely good looking, but too much extra weight does nothing for their figures. A reasonable diet is essential, but not always easy for them. Long hours at an office desk, business lunches & ever growing appreciation of good wines will not help their waistlines.
Heavy exercise is no problem; many young they enjoy team games & some enjoy weight-training. They tend to move slowly: aerobics or dancing will help them to speed up a little, as will brisk country walks, which will also more aesthetically rewarding.

Taurus as ascendant(Lagna)

Psychological motivation: When they rises the basic impulse is acquisition & is even stronger than with a Taurean Sun. As their self confidence grows, it will be reflected in the possessions with which these people surround themselves. It seems they will never be psychologically whole until they can see around them material proof of their success. (This, of course, is true for they at every economic level.) Established in their own kingdom, they will often feel uneasy if they have to step outside it: once more, it is a single of the importance of routine & security. Other Sun sign characteristic-stubbornness & possessiveness are equally deep rooted; these people will know they are right & find it very hard to see anyone else's point of view unless it is identical to their own. Self knowledge will be acquired the hard way.
The Taurean body area is the throat, but when Taurus rises there can be difficulties with the thyroid gland (ruled by Venus). Any inordinate weight gain not obviously due to diet may be traced to this.
Relations with partners will be very intense & passionate. These people make very demanding partners, with a high emotional energy that must be "earthed" through the relationship. Sexual fulfillment will be of prime importance & must be borne in mind when the subject is embarking on an emotional relationship. On the other hand, it is equally important that the commitment is not solely sexual; friendship between partners will make it easier to cope with problems whenever they arise. There may be considerable achievement, especially with the help of the partner.