You are creative, ambitious, never satisfied in your life. You want the truth, peace & justice. Sometime you are confident want to achieve your target. You will rise the highest position one-day in your profession or business, because you are take your responsibilities seriously. You like to enjoy your life in your own way & are always optimistic. You don't like any obligation. You are very imaginative. You wish to do everything freely according to your choice. You must know how to spend the money freely.
You are always taking a chance in your life. You have a strong sense of humour as well as a strong sense of self-esteem. You are ready to take responsibilities. You are very ambitious. You take tensions in little- little things. You are never satisfied by anything. You believe in savings but the money doesn't remain with you. You want to own your own place & till you do not make your place you mind is not peaceful. You are self-confidence, you keep promise and time precious you think. You want the highest positions. You like to do your duties. You want to be independent. You have something in your mind you can not be still. If you limit your freedom of expression. You shut out your lives. You have always optimistic. You excepting always good not the bad. Your cheerful attitude is one of your chief assets. You have a strong sense of humour & self-esteem. You like to show off. You have ready to take a chance-frequently. You think big & like a big space to think in.

Your good qualities are (Positive)

You have a companionship, trustfulness. You have a imagination, sensitivity, homeliness & passivity.

You must improve (Negative)
You are very Moody, Jealous, Brooding, Shy, Impatient.
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