The number of friendship. Number two is the number of friendship, its nature is passive & feminine. Its subjects are retiring, changeable & frequently irresolute. You are imaginative, polite, affectionate & emotional. Sometime you may not implemented. Your thoughts & dreams are changing your views time to time. You like art, culture, beauty, music.

You are imaginative, Artistic and romantic you want to do something but are not forceful in carrying out your ideas. At present you are little restless and excited. You think a lot of things but when the times comes to explain things to others you are not able to do it. You are in tension.

This are some features most commonly associated with this  number:-

Your good quality (Positive)

Companionship, Trustfulness, Imagination, Sensitivity, Homeliness, Passivity.

You must improve (Negative)

You are very Moody, Credulity, Jealousy, Brooding, Shyness, impatience.

This number governs women's interests & activities. It represents the feminine point of view & stands for emotion & sentiment, as distinct from intellect & reason. It has affinity with creative talent generally. Their expression is passive & reflective. Try to the practiced in life. Use your brain, don't use your heart, otherwise you will always blame your self & others.
It does not lack courage, has the frankness to admit his mistake & to change his mind - a fact that shows him to be a very much bigger man than some of his more forceful but intolerant fellows. They are however, a bundle of inconsistencies. He is far too shy to force himself upon people, but he cannot bear to be ignored.
Number two persons of either sex place great significance on comforts. You have bouts of ecstatic indolence & ease interspersed with periods of outrageous activity. Still they how to make the best of an easy chair, a soft bed & a delicately chosen meal. They do not despise the "creature comforts". A number two women furnishes her home with taste but there plenty of comfortable chairs.
The number two women who is unlucky enough to have wed the wrong partner is, however a person to be pitied more than the average victim who finds themselves unwittingly in that unhappy predicament. For to her a happy marriage is everything. If that experience should prove disappointing, she finds it almost impossible to gain compensatory interest & pleasure elsewhere.

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