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Virgoans are in constant motion due to their abundant nervous energy. It is vital that this energy finds a positive outlet, otherwise it will be frittered away in restless twitchiness. They should also learn to centre themselves & achieve inner calm. If they don't tension can be a serve problem & mixed with the almost inevitable Virgeon worry, will lead to nervous upsets. Worry is at the root of most personal problems for these individuals & is best countered by their analytical & practical qualities.
Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury & its symbol is a virgin with sheaves of grain in her hands. Virgo is an Earth sign, Methodical & improving. The planet Mercury, the planet of motion, inclines the natives of this sign to a state of constant activity. Tremendous energy is directed towards doing & accomplishing. While other signs are dreaming up of things to do, They are busy doing them.
Virgos value work & the work ethic highly. They are meticulously organised & prise efficiency. Something about their nature enables them to attend to the smallest of details. Their analytical minds work round the clock to bring order to the chaos of day-to-day life. Nothing escapes their microscopic analysis & they seldom tolerate shoddy workmanship.
But while they may be excellent at performing on the job, their outlook may become focused only on their work, making them oblivious to the pleasures of leisure. Not being able to see the forest through the trees is another common Virgo shortcoming. They become so focused on the intricacies of detail that sometimes they lose sight of the big picture. Many virgos need to learn to be more tolerant of others who are not as exacting, or do not have as high standards, as they do.
Despite their apparent outward coolness, Virgos are kind, devoted & loyal to those who can see past the efficient exterior. They tend to be loving parents & their devotion to duty makes them confident & responsible members of any family. Modest & shy, Meticulous & reliable, Practical & diligent, Intelligent & analytical. Fussy & a Worrier, Over critical & harsh, Perfectionist & conservative.

Critically, analytically, carpingly.
Most virgoans are practical; but those who aren't can all too easily become bogged down in the small details of problems. This, indeed, is one of their chief difficulties : that their critical acumen can be over applied, both to themselves & to other people, causing problems in personal relationships. Relentless, carping criticism is their worst fault.
What is needed is a positive synthesis of these qualities, producing people who are hard-working & practical & who will stand no nonsense, deal sensibly with problems (their own, or other people's) & are most likely to realise their full potential.
Virgoans are talkative, lively in argument & like their Mercury-ruled cousins Geminians, enjoy communicating their ideas, which are usually without frills & clearly & economically expressed. Here again, however, a penchant for details can trap them into over elaboration; they must learn to see the broader outline of things.

Self-denigration can often get in the way when a Virgoan is thinking of deepening a personal relationship : "What does he/she see in me?- I'm not good enough for him/her." This can be genuine modesty, which (especially in a young person in love for the first time) can be charming-but more often the problem is deeper & they should strive for the self-confidence which will allow them to accept compliments gracefully & (most important) to believe them. Kind & willing to do anything for their partners, their natural modesty can stop them fully expressing both their physical & emotional love. They must learn to relax, & if (in some cases) they have taught themselves to regard sex with suspicion, learn to see it as a happy expression of that emotional devotion which they should allow themselves to show to a partner. The other most inhibiting factor is their tendency to nag, which they must curb.


The Virgo child is neat, clean & a very willing worker at school. Exercise books will be totally devoid of dirty smudges & the handwriting will be clear & legible. Willing workers who truly enjoy being given things to do, these children can earn a reputation as teacher's pets; this is not the case. They simply like being kept busy. Rather shy, so that the playground can seem threatening, they may be seen stand-offish. Parents should do everything possible to help them develop self-confidence, especially at examination time. The virgoan tendency to worry will otherwise be overwhelming & mysterious illness will appear. They will work from dawn to dusk to built & maintain their family home in a way that satisfies their own highly critical standards. Career women will make time for domestic work, but mustn't spend so much time cleaning & polishing that they never enjoy the environment they so lovingly create. If a partner accuses them of an obsession with spit & polish, they should take note! Similarly, both sexes should try to avoid bringing work home, otherwise they'll never have time for their family.


To work at their very best, Virgoans probably need supervision. Not only is it often difficult for them to see what should be done, but even if themselves, incompetent or wondering how other people will receive their efforts. But given an instruction they will follow it to the very best of their abilities. They make excellent personal assistants & here, too, are the natural formal critics of the zodiac. As writers they have a sharp incisive style which is of great advantage if they are working in the media. Many make excellent teachers & others do well in the medical profession, both in conventional or complementary medicine.
They are not frantically ambitious; in top jobs they must watch their tendency to carp if they want to be popular as well as efficient. A high salary will be carefully managed, but they should try to enjoy spending money as well as investing it.

Change, leisure & retirement

Virgoans, in general, look forward to retirement as an opportunity to cultivate & develop the hobbies with which they have always filled their spare time. These will almost certainly including gardening, for they are natural & enthusiastic gardeners. Any diminution on income, provided it is not massive, will be greeted with equanimity; careful with money, they threat of being fired is frightening; out of work, they are peerless in their effort to find a new job & willing ,hard workers, they should do so more easily than most.

Virgo as ascendant (Lagna)

Psychological motivation : Quite frequently when virgo rises we find the other Mercury-ruled sign, Gemini, on the Midheaven. This offers unique psychological potential for the individual concerned: the principles of mercury-the need to examine every situation in life in great detail-are handsomely united to the need to communicate. These individuals will have a natural instinct that helps them identify with all Mercury-ruled characteristics as well as the basic principles of Gemini. As a result, they are usually very well integrated psychologically & hyper criticism may be turned inwards on the self. This is likely to give rise to the same problems of headaches & migraines that we have mentioned above. The same solution applies - particular care with diet & proper medical advice. Very often these people need to work harder to establish a reasonable degree of self-confidence than do Sun Virgoans. (To assess this fully, other planetary positions & relationships in the chart must be examined.)
Conflicts relating to self-criticism must be worked through; an important way of building up confidence is to allow some self-praise, rather than invariably denigrating personal achievements. Success in this respect will depend to a large extent on upbringing & the attitude of parents; if this was highly critical, the problems will be more intractable.
In one-to-one relationships, in spite of the tendency to nag, a remarkable emotional response will be seen. An inner warmth & sensitivity will dull the slightly brittle edge of their reactions & attitude & tender, loving sentiments will be characteristic. Those people may take the easy way out of arguments & problems.
Worry is more likely to affect the systems of these people, for example causing constipation & similar problems. Hypochondria is very likely, in which case they should assess any health problems logically & not make mountains out of molehills.